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oh no worries I know it was a long time ago. I really enjoy it!

I was looking for a timer and just found this! It's sp cute, I love it. Wish there were options for longer periods of time like 25 or 30 minutes.

I loved playing this so much! Do you have other horror vns or plans for them in the future?

wow. just wow. thanks for this game, it was great.

Loved the diary notes, it was rewarding replaying and uncovering more and more of the story until getting all the endings. Those quick time events were a little hard imo

I had a lot of fun playing this! I wanna know more about Mauro's past, he seems like quite a sad boy :(

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this was so interesting. so intriguing and unsettling in such a short game! really glad i played. is it still being worked on? would love to see more :D

I figured it out - it looks like if you don't message Effie at the beginning when her away message is up, she doesn't come back from being away and so the conversation with her doesn't trigger. 

forgot to mention - i reloaded the day from the autosave and it happened again

excited to follow you and see what is next!

Also wanted to let you know, I think I found a bug unless I missed something somehow. I'm playing version 1.1.2 and don't seem to be able to end the month of November. I did all chats available to me (Sendaria and Cherry, Effie is away and it says 'i should find something else to do for now'), posted to Terranova and Tourmaline's blog and the gold highlight is around the start button seeming to indicate I could end the month, but it is greyed out.

do y'all have plans for future games?

WOW.  This game really hit me in the feelings, it reads super true to life in terms of what my adolescence felt like. Fantastic writing. I really feel for the characters. Thank you for making this game. I'm still playing and I don't want the story to end.