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Could you maybe add a way to pick up the ammo for the gun your not using without changing to it?

Took me a couple of tries but yet i did it :)

This game is pretty nice for just a beta version hope to see more in the future. :)

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This sequel is fun and i loved it but im confused on what to do with the input on the computer can someone help out?

Its taking to long to load for me.

i feel like i get exp from killing the hostages lol.

Yep nothing wrong here.

doesnt work for me :P

Quick question are you going to add any other songs soon?

I haven't seen something like this and its awesome thanks!

What week is it on?

how long does it usually load for?

Are you gonna add any other songs in the future?

theres alot of lag for me but i can still play it.

it crashes when i start the song.

Crashed for me so oh well

i think its fine for now.

Jesus i was not expecting the ending to be that loud.

Nice how you managed to make it so we can change our keys.

Spam click the door until its brakes.

no arrows showing up for me 

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Why cant i change the controls Or change it to downscroll?

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Got this ending And does clicking on the flower do anyting?

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Yes i have tried multiple times maybe it might be my internet?

It says failed to create game after i put my name in.