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Played this on my stream. Great game! Anxiety inducing and fun! :)

Played this on my stream. Great game! I really enjoyed it and will play it again with a friend!

Hilarious, I had fun.

Solid concept, with the timed jumps, saw one other game that used this mechanic. It would be more interesting if the game were faster paced I think. Keep at it!

I played this on my stream, fun game and good concept! Keep at it!

I like the boss battle. Doesn't incorporate the theme though.

Cool concept, definitely has potential. Needs some camera tweaks and I think some indication of how far the gun will go with a shot would be helpful, like in golf games, as this has a sorta golf-like feel.

Interesting idea, I think it needs more exploration on the concept for me to really see what this mechanic could do. Good start.

Cool concept. The sheep could use a more sophisticated movement patterns, they get stuck in corners and on edges easily and behave strangely in relation to the dog

Definitely on theme, though I would say it's a little too out of control and I didn't feel like I could play the game really. Well done UI though!

Not bad! Good concept, needs more clarity around how the death mechanic works, wasn't sure what the threshold for losing was, and more content would be great of course :)