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definately a interesting game, well done!

sounds good, will do!

loved the game, the suspense direction was well executed! Looking forward to more! Also, my room number is still #5 ;-)

Lol had to google the name, never played Deus Ex Machina, I'll have to try it.

Game was unexpectedly short, i actually had to playthrough a second time to make sure. But it did what it needed to well. It's a great one time scare and @Anjin for your first 3D, well done sir! i craved more, F's for mister Deer and hope Tweety lived. Game was fun and the scare level was perfectly adequate.

Wow!, this was absolutely awesome, i haven't had a good scare like this in a while! well done!

Honestly this was a great short game and had an absolute blast playing it, it was simple but alot of fun. Interested in playing more from you guys!

I have to say, This game got me on a whole other level. Both impressed and Memed, had alot of fun with the game. There was never a dull moment and a must try once for everyone. This game should have a cult following of it's own merits, look forward to any future releases.

One of the Better Indie horror games I've played in a while! this game was awesome!

Solid gameplay, decent to lower end difficulty, models are a little janky but the game more than makes up for it. Very Impressed!

Fun game. The highly sensitive controls take away alot from it unfortunately. However very well polished, clean design, proper sound effects, attention to detail on realistic suspension reaction, and appropriate sound track. I look forward to future releases, please keep me posted as I believe this has potential and would be interested in trying later stages of the game if it's planned continuing development.

Creepy game, well made. Had fun with it despite how short it was. Can never think of school the same.
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This game was great, A little surprised but well executed! Suspense in all the right places.