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This is awesome! What I'd like most is an always run option or a toggle button. 

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Here's what I currently have to do:

1. Have HMD on with Vive controller, gamepad, and keyboard/mouse on and right next to me.

2. Start 3dnes from Vive desktop within HMD with Vive controller.

3. Switch to keyboard/mouse to load rom.

4. Switch to gamepad (I might also have to select it in input. It seems like the game will only default to gamepad if I save a 3dn with gamepad selected.)

5. If playing another game, switch back to keyboard/mouse and load it.

6. Switch back to gamepad.

Can you make the GUI usable with a Vive controller pointer within VR? I don't want to have to touch my keyboard/mouse at all. Is there a way to get the menu up without pressing escape? Like, waving my Vive pointer or pressing trigger could make it appear.

Thank you. This will likely be better than on my 3DS.

I tested it, and it's really good. Thank you. I didn't know the NES version was such a good port. It seems barely any different than the MAME version.

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I thought they were, but I heard they aren't. I thought we were stuck with just four games. Is it made clear anywhere that you can play any NES game in VR with the Pro version?

It happens in full screen and windowed modes. That bat file thing was the only way to fix it. I don't know why. It needs to be fixed.

Those instructions didn't work. It needs to be 3dNesPro in the file. No brackets.

Save states are important.

The answer is probably no, but is it possible to make games display the levels beyond the limits of the original screen? For example, in VR, you could see Zelda screens to the top, bottom, left, and right that you normally couldn't see in the original game. In Super Mario Bros, you could look to the right and see up coming parts of the level.

It happens on my 1080p monitor every time too.

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I use wireless controllers, and only one was turned on.

Also, like someone else said, the menu is at the very bottom and cut off. I have to use a mouse to bring it up higher every time. I'm using a Vive and 1080p monitor.

I paid $10 for the pro version and am not satisfied with the ease of use. I had to keep switching between monitor and Vive, keyboard/mouse and Vive controller to get a rom working. I got an Xbox 360 controller working, but I couldn't remap it, and it went back to keyboard when I restarted the program. Also, I had to change it to openvr mode every time I started it or loaded a new rom. Please, fix this. I want to put my Vive on, start the program from my desktop within the Vive, have it auto load into VR with all of my settings saved, and let me load a rom with either my Vive controller or Xbox controller. I want to then be able to load another rom with no hassle and no reconfiguring. Thank you.