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I cute, little Game. Can't wait to play more of it :)

Very beautiful game. A great atmosphere, wonderful music and fun gameplay. Played smoothly on gamepad :)

The Soundtrack is legendary and the dialogue as well as the graphics are beautiful. I much enjoyed playing it. 

Wow! Thank you so much, we are so glad you enjoyed our little game :) Since you found the Eastereggs, these are the projects of our fellow students, you can check out at:
Maybe you want to give them a go as well!

Thanks a lot for the throughout feedback!
The corridors indeed are very similar optically, unfortunately we only had one 3D Environment Artist to build it all.

We tried to make sure that the Wrench wasn't hard to miss, it definitely took us some tweaking, we didn't want to make it too obvious (and hence too easy), fists were implemented, but eventually removed because of balancing reasons.
A locked camera is really something unusual to get used to, overall we kinda wanted to stick to the classical Dungeon Crawlers way of input and moving around :)

Hopefully we will find the time to implement the additional levels in our free time, at least that's something we are planning to do! 

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The first level is finished. However, me might update the Game in the future, since this is a students project and we only had a restricted time-frame of what we could do. We definitely plan to add additional content in the future and not abandon the project :)

I have the feeling that the bad graphics quality was an artistic decision and is bad on purpose. To me it absolutely adds to the mood of the game.