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I played without reading the description and got surprised that it was horror. .   good game can't wait for more even though in quite shaken now hehe

Of course!
A ran into a few bugs here and there during my recording so it'd definitely be helpful to give that a look over!
For instance, the camera seems to capture the game UI if you spam capture.
And sometimes you can't seem to access a climbable wall unless you walk away far enough first and run back to it.

One minor thing that'd be nice is a camera sensitivity slider as well! I felt it was too slow personally!

I like the premise of this game a lot! It can use a lot of polish but I believe in y'all to make it happen :)

This game is promising! I really hope the dialogue is fixed since this beta was created because it's filled with poor grammar which makes puzzles more difficult than needed to understand and takes me out of the immersion quite a bit by phrases such as "This do nothing" instead of something like "This has no use right now."
The art updates (I assume, since all the preview art on this page is different from the actual game) are phenomenal and I really appreciate the new artstyle and I believe you should put it front and centre because it looks much more polished than what you are fronting the project with.

Anyway, I left the first part of my playthrough here, most frustrations left in. but I see a great game past all the issues and I hope to play the final product soon : )

Take your time and make it awesome! Don't feel rushed at all :) you've delivered quality at your own pace so far. Finish it in style ;)

Just my luck! Just finished chapter 2 and chapter 3 became available while I was doing that! Here's the first episode of Chapter 3 in my Midnight Train series!  It's going to huurttt when I have to wait for Chapter 4!

Started from Aria's Story and now thoroughly enjoying this even more unique tale, can't wait to see where it all ends up :) Love the game Lydia!

My playthrough of this first case is here!
I'm definitely going to get the second case and any beyond after that.  I think it's just as fun as going through a fresh Ace Attorney game :)

As far as I know, just one, with several ways of getting there.

Thank you for watching : )
I got part 2 out today as well which rounds off the demo.

I'm not a big fan of futuristic settings, but I was convinced to try this by how cute Bella is and by the really cool pixel art aesthetic.

I regret nothing.

Even as someone who dislikes just reading for long periods of times, I found myself entranced, even by the BBS that I found.  This game has a lot of charm and character. That's exactly what I need in a game. And the combat system is Turn Based DONE RIGHT.  Similar feelings to how I feel about Persona 5's battle system so far. : ) 

(oh and that OST is a fucking banger and I'll probably buy it soon)

Long story short. This game looks PROMISING. Good luck with continued development. I'll be keeping up with you : )  

I haven't tried following indie game development before and after finding you I can safely say that your project is one of my biggest life anticipations right now ;)
Good luck! Do your best!

They did show you how to open a gate or interact with anything early on though.  I think logically that's how you would open a door following that.

I just went through Aria's Story and found my way here and I'm excited making my way through this game. 
Luna is an absolute badass and I love how much you make fun of tropes with RPG Maker horror games. : ) SUCH A COOL RIDE AND CAN'T WAIT TO KEEP PLAYING

Here's my first episode of what I plan to be a full playthrough

Wow. That was really insightful and I appreciate you taking the time to explain that.

Game development can be hard and learning to let go of things just so you can eventually actually finish is important! It's something I struggle with all the time.  I hope one day I can finish a few of my own prospective projects : )
I wish you best of luck! Going to be following you and seeing what comes next! 

Ooh. Appreciate the info! :) Thanks for watching, btw!

Had an amazing time playing this.  Leaving me with just enough mystery but just enough questions answered at the same time :)

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Of course!
Hope to see more from you :)

You planning to ever revisit Crystal for another story? :)

It started off slow but I really started getting wrapped up in its charm near the middle of it : )

Very cute art, too!  I really enjoyed it. You encouraged me to look into RemPy again as well :)

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I get horror RPG vibes, Ace Attorney vibes, and just all around good feels and TERRIFIED feels. 
Here's my playthrough.