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I'm not someone who enjoys playing rhythm games. I find they're too difficult for me and frustrating when things go wrong...
HOWEVER... this game might be the first one I've ever clicked with.

At first I was overwhelmed but with a little practice I was really enjoying it! and the tutorial showed me what difficulty was to come, even if it wasn't available in the demo tracks.

Thank you so much, I want to see more :)

Played through this a bit on my channel! I'm bad at these kinds of games but it was super fluid and fun. Thank you for the experience :)

I'm a bit late but I discovered this game just now.  As a huge fan of HLD I'm having a blast playing through this experience! GREAT work

Does that mean there isn't yet but you might add it?

Well, I began my journey through this demo!  I also dared make a let's play of it... first without turning off the H scenes.. that was a mistake. At least it wasn't live!  I'll be periodically (a few times a week) continuing this series until I'm done with what the demo has to offer. :)

So you mean it wasn't supposed to go like that? :(

I'm late to the party but I played this and enjoyed it A LOT.

Looking forward to that sequel now :) I'll pay any price!

I know the game's a bit older but I just played this for my channel and had a good time :)

Thanks for the reply! I'll give it a shot and probably will have to do some editing in post just in case. But the game is cool enough for me to want to try from what little I've tried so far! 


So I want to make a YouTube let's play series for this.

Got some important questions

I'm a degenerate and like fan service, however, just asking, i noticed theres a Normal, Light, and Off option for ero scenes. is light passable for youtube or should I just entirely turn everything off to be safe?

And approximately how long is the demo? Is this basically a complete experience that needs polishing? or sort of like a "chapter 1 to be continued' kind of thing?


Here's my short foray into this game! I'm definitely going to do a longer full playthrough of EPs 1 and 2 in the future. :)

I definitely LOVE the aesthetic!  I did a bit of a one off video for now, though the game unfortunately crashed and I lost my save.
However, it's definitely likely I'll do a proper full playthrough with multiple episodes once you're done with your big update :)  I'll post my little one off video when it releases.

I unfortunately was unsure how to get past the end bit but here's some gameplay! :D

I thought the game was really cool, the art was really nice, it was a bit finicky but that's to be expected if this was made for a contest.  I think the idea was super cool, though having several walls of text explaining the story was a bit overwhelming, especially that first document you find early on.

I want to record this game for YouTube but I'm wondering approximately how long the game is

Glad you enjoyed it :) I look forward to seeing where your game goes!

And that's the rest of it!

First of two parts out! Next one is tomorrow.  Once again, amazing game! Hope to play the full version when it's out.

I've started my Let's Play series for this today! I'm excited! 

I guess I personally would love to help clean up the dialogue! While I understand what's going on, the English is a little awkward and could be made clearer with a few tweaks, I think :) I have no idea what the process would be for such a thing, but I'd easily do it voluntarily to support the project.

Great job on the original music, by the way! I'm not too far in but I'm really enjoying the short chill loop of "Yesterday's Hope About Tomorrow".

I'm not sure what the process is for that, but I'd love to help with cleaning up the text if it was needed :)  Always eager to support promising new titles.

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This game is AMAZING! Got Hyper Light Drifter and Dark Souls combined vibes and I'm really REALLY hyped to see more.

Only issue I can see needing work is the English! A bit awkward but serviceable.

I've recorded a let's play for this that I'll release this weekend, will share when it's done!

I'm slowly making my way through this game right now and I'm really enjoying the ambience, music, and art!

I was wondering if you were at all looking for any help with future updates to this game?  I'd love to help.

Excited to see this pan out as a big fan of the first two chapters.

Well, I just impulsively played through this game not knowing what to expect and I certainly enjoyed the experience. Not sure how I feel about my ending but maybe I should replay it a few times!

A cute little game with super charming music and art. I'm a sucker for aesthetic and this one nailed it for me. Always enjoy a well made short RPG maker experience :)

I made some fanart for this game after I finished it! I hope it's okay to share in a comment :)

I've been playing through this game since I finished Aria's Story about a year ago and there were only two chapters of this.  I'm so glad to see it through to the end. I finished up Chapter 4 yesterday and it's giving me an emotional reaction similar to when I finished some of my favourite JRPGs and Visual Novels for the first time.

I'm taking a while to process how I feel but all I know is absolutely love these games and the effects they had on me : )

As someone who has tried to develop some RPG Maker games on my own, I am super inspired by your work and it really makes me want to try again to make something happen!  I'm not sure if you are done with making games but I'm always going to be looking forward to any future updates from you :)

Thank you for this wonderful experience.

Also, if anyone is interested, I started uploading the Chapter 4 episodes over at my channel:

The 2 dollars was an optional amount you paid by accident it sounds like. Yeah, It's a free demo.
I don't believe it's an established universe yet either.

Since it was part of the recent bundle, I decided to start a mini series playing through this game and I'm having a good time. :)

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I played through this. Thanks for telling me about it : )  It's a really fun concept and I can see it going far!! A LOT of Portal vibes. I love it. Keep it up!  

EDIT: Link updated to new upload to fix camera position

I played this game alongside a much nicer family friendly game and the juxtaposition actually made me feel REALLY WEIRD.

A short and sweet little game! I play it in the first half of this video!

An absolutely amazing game that I am AWFUL at! But I see the appeal. When things click they feel GOOD!  Might be better on a controller than a keyboard! But i gave it an honest try and if I was in the mood for a game like this i would be absolutely hooked!

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Played through this a little bit over at my gameplay channel!
FEELS REMINISCENT OF OLD SCHOOL POINT AND CLICK GAMES I USED TO PLAY AS A KID. Had a lot of fun messing around with it. Might finish it soon! : D Thanks for the awesome game. LOVE the music and aesthetic.

Very satisfying combat. Fun little experience. :) Here's my playthrough. 

I've played through this demo and it really reminds me of games like Inside and Limbo! I love it! I got really stuck at one puzzle but it's okay, I blame myself for it honestly.

Just played through this. It was a fun little experience! Thank you for making this :)

10/10 good game jam game

After coming off of Escaped Chasm not too long ago, discovering this exists made me super giddy! Really enjoying this experience so far. I love how open ended it is on how much you discover and do! And the hint chicken is very much appreciated.  I am intrigued in the world and its characters.

I loved this experience! The art is amazing. I think I'm a fan, Temmie.  I saw you made a new game related to this a bit so I'm 100% going to be playing that one soon too!  I especially fell in love with the character, and the bonuses where you explained things at the end were amazing. Gave me good insight on the type of person you are and I wanna see more from you for sure!  Game making is tough, I've failed at finishing many RPG Maker games so I know exactly how amazing it is that you completed one like this!!