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"CAN'T YOU SEE YOU ARE CAUSING NOTHING BUT HARM" hahaha LOL that was crazy intro was like wtf is going on thought was 3D platformer puzzler xD

Nice game! Is there any setting to change the transition effects on tutorial popups? Thanks!

Nice VN! Is there an option to make the options menu fade in quicker it can take a while saving and loading too :O Thanks!

What sound sample GET PUNISHED spam from ahahaha xD GET PUNISHED  :D

Ditto! Also it seemed like the game froze when I hit escape or something like that, I'd just started the game looking for an options menu haha.

Awesome game! Falling in the lava DOES play loud sound at effect volume level even with master volume turned to 0 though which is crazy!! Freaking SCARY randomly playing and that happens LOL I beat the game and want to see what happen xD NICE JOB though overall :D