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I recorded this months ago and just now finally finished editing and uploaded it, and I got hit in the feels all over again. I will love my GAYBIES forever, you've made such a truly special experience and I just know this is going to hit home and help so many people feel a little less alone <3

I'm calling you out on your shit, LIXIAN!!!

(you're a brilliant bastard and I hate you, your jumpscares got me way too many times)

Was cracking up the entire time and made a bunch of absurd DBD references because how could this Nea main NOT, my only thing is I wish the blood wasn't so in the way because it made it super hard to see. Check out my gameplay here!

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Another fantastic update, I read it out here if you're interested!

I love how this story is developing, especially with the new dynamics developing between the detective and the other LIs, particularly Sage. Everything seems to be unfolding around us despite us being so deeply a part of it. Can't wait for the next one!

Every update just keeps getting better and better and the lore is (pun fully intended) continuing to burrow deeper down a rabbit hole. I have no idea where it's going, but I am INVESTED and can't wait for more. The art style is insane and I loved the new story structure. Nappy time is also forever cursed with what you did with that nappy. You've heard of eyes in the back of your head, now it's time for eyes in the back of your ASS.




Thank YOU for making it! I'm always looking for LGBTQ+ games to feature, and I'm really in love with your writing style. Can't wait for whatever comes next!

Part murder-mystery, part dating sim (kind of, haha, depends on your personal preference), I've only recorded the prologue so far and I'm already hella invested and can't wait to read more. It's all text based, but somehow I can see all of it in my head because the writing is so well DONE. And the customization! I've never seen anything that in-depth before. It made my heart really happy to see that physical touch boundaries were included in that. 

Also, props to you for making me flustered over a couple of romance options with just the text. Khari and Sage currently have my heart, we'll just have to see who wins lol.

Really, really fun to voice act, and I couldn't ask for a better story to kick off pride month. Psych-horror is my all-time favorite genre, so seeing it done with LGBTQ+ characters made me feel ecstatic and seen. 

Happy Pride, everyone :3

I know I missed a lot, but I'll definitely be replaying for more!

This is a perfect example of a little goes a long way, and how personal experiences can speak volumes. You didn't need big jumpscares or creepy music. That weird, unsettling feeling persisted throughout, leaving me tense and terrified but also wanting more. I left your Kickstarter in my description. I know I'm small, but anything to get more eyes on this fantastic project!

I used a bunch of different tracks lol

Moving around the items was very clever, glad I played through it twice. Also definitely butchered the name of the main girl a lot. Someone get this toilet a boyfriend.

I think I fucked a tree....

It's so hard to end videos to make this a series, I just want to keep reading more! Exactly my type of humor, the writing is so well done and the art is GORGEOUS. Go read this one, because it's absolutely been worth it so far.

I could NOT figure out for the life of me how to get a "GOOD" ending, but I had fun vibing with this silly little man and his gerbil hands anyway.

I couldn't figure out the whole thing, but maybe you can ;)


P e r c h

I say this with love...

The scariest thing about this was the title card at the credits. Great concept, wish it was taken a little farther, but not bad for three days!

Was looking for another LGBTQ+ visual novel to play and fell in love with this one. Very soft aesthetic, and the spa lady gives me hope in humanity. Can't wait to play more!

Terrifying. Sleeping with one eye open now.

This is exactly how you lull someone into a false sense of security, and then that twist at the end freaked me the HELL out. Well done.

I couldn't figure out how to get the last ending, but Leonard is the sweetest dog ever and I deserve to get mauled for making him an unpainted doghouse. Let me pet the potato boy!

I've played a ton of these type of games from here, but this is the first one in a while that has genuinely made me anxious the entire time. That's mostly due to some pretty great sound design, and then you give us a final kick in the teeth. Well done.

This game took the frog in the pot metaphor to an entirely different level than I was expecting, and I loved every minute of it. Also, thank you for giving me a duet buddy, even if it was only for a bit.

Played the Halloween update, now it's Christmas time! Legitimately loved being chased by my favorite little hellspawn, and also the MUSIC apartment!



You still owe me cocoa >:(

Fr though, great game, I'm always a huge fan of following sound/using sound in gameplay as a major mechanic, and the loud storm was the perfect (and ANNOYING) obstacle.

You made me grab my plushie

Thank you for confirming I never want children

I know I'm like 4 years late to the party, but I just had to share how this was love at first sight for me. I was looking for another lgbtq+ visual novel to record and this one grabbed me from the beginning. As a lesbian Filipina myself, my heart was so happy to see the representation, and that's just from playing the beginning. Definitely keeping an eye out for the next one. Keep up the amazing work!


Listen, I'm not one for puzzle games, but I do love a good aesthetic horror game, and I am in love and I've already sold my soul to the cardboard mansion. Wishlisted and followed! Everyone needs to go play this game, especially if you're a fan of movies like Coraline and anything Tim Burton's made.

I was expecting jumpscares and maybe death... what I didn't expect was to be EXTREMELY UNCOMFORTABLE the whole time. This game is scary in a whole different way and I love it.

Great anti-piracy ad. Staying alive is an excellent incentive.

Haha, in all seriousness though, really fun game. I know I had some critiques, but overall I'm definitely gonna sus out the other endings.

Always make sure to bake your babies properly.

Looking forward to the next update!

I may still be hallucinating, but the demon in my head was an excellent wingman! 10/10!

The void father is great. The void father is absolute.

Feed him.