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The concept of work is abstract to you isn't it?

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Omg I agree with this person, I mean yesterday I drank water and it was too wet and liquid for my taste and the day before I was hungry and I went and  ate some food?! (face palms) stupid!!. Geez, life is so confusing  give me a break.

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Umm, options? I mean I'm bi so I enjoy both hot dogs and buns so I might be biased but you do know gay/bi people exist and they would like options in games like this right? Besides if i were a woman and took a lookt at Dalhia... I would become a lesbian ipso facto (that means by that very fact or act, in case your allergic to books too, beside gay stuff... too much? nah you deserve it) Also the game has a male RO called Abramar (I believe is the snake muscled four armed snake good-looking god dude in the 4th pic up there) so... not so gay if that bothers you? This isn't Netflix ma dude, you won't find forced inclusion here.

The author posted on Tumblr about it.


Thanks for the kind words.  It's just a working title but  it's called The Silver Moon Chronicles. 

Sorry for the delay answering. I checked this out and, yes! They do have links. Thanks for bringing it to my attention 

OMG this is amazing thank you. Is very detailed and has everything I need. You're a life saver

God? Is that thou? Lol 

Thank you so much😁😁😁

You have no idea how I've been looking for a person like you, you're like Moses, guiding us through the desert called "I'm clueless about coding and I want to die". On a more serious note, I always wanted to use Sugarcube because for some reason I liked it more than other formats and whatnot. And I started using Harlowe because someone told me it was more beginner friendly and it is but it still needs coding and I haven't found a simplified guide like yours about it. And I can do a lot of stuff in Harlowe, like make my words move, shine, give them colors, put them backwards and even make them blurry. My question is, can I do these stuffs with Sugarcube aswell or not? If yes, how?

You dear one are a savior and I would be sure to give my thanks to you once I publish my book/game and become famous (pfft, what a smug little shit innit?)

Hey, I don't mind. As long as you keep the beautiful drawing and writing and those oh so sexy scenes, I'll be there to worship you all. Jesus, what a simp. Ugh

Thanks. Will do.

P.S: O_O I'm actually scared now. 

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Thank you so much Lili, for answering, it just like you say, it's very hard to start and being oblivious to coding doesn't help. At all. And you're kind enough to offer your help which you'll come to regret in the near future because I will ask. A lot. Its very hard to have a story, a world and characters in my head and not give them shape with words. I actually wanted to make a visual novel with the story i have but due to certain factors in my life, including the drawing skills of a neanderthal, I can't. But Twine is the perfect alternative. Thank you again for showing me the way. You're my personal Gandalf lol.

P.S: No romance with siblings? You're not evil... And I don't like it 😒 (jk)

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Amazing work. Really amazing. It has a really interesting world and even more interesting characters. And since I'm something of a masochist myself is perfect because I will suffer not knowing when it will be completed. But good things happen to those who wait so... patience. I wanted to ask, I have had a story in my head for some time and finally I found Twine, a tool that will help me giving it shape. The problem is that a have the coding and programming skills of boomer. Where can I find information about it? A video, document, anything. Thank you, and wish you all the luck in the world in both your personal life as in the writer one.

P.S: When you said that some romances were controversial, you don't mean... My brothers did you? If so you're evil... And I like it >:)

The Unity whole thing is a stupid mess of corporate greed.  It's not the only engine out there but damn, is sad nonetheless to see so many content creators, from the most beautiful and sexy visual novel to the exquisite and very well done masterpieces like Cuphead. Truly a shame. Hope you guys don't get affected by it

No problem, happy to help  luv😁

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Hi there, i just started and im loving it so far. There's a typo in the scene where our mother absolutely bitchslaps the shit out of me. In case you wanted to fix it


Possibly a Spoiler!!!!!!

Ok I'm calling it right now. Keko is one of Vidarna's followers, possibly the mastermind behind all.

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Oooh that sounds interesting. Outstanding. Thanks for replying. Best of lucks luv😁

Ok, that was awesome. This is easily my top 5 interactive games so far. So good and, thankfully, mature. And like so many other of my top 5 is a slow and painful process aka WIP. I hate when a games is in WIP status. But I digress, my question is for you and for any fellow readers that might know about coding, do you have any link to a video, guide book or anything that might help to develop games in twine? I have the coding skills if 80 year old boomer and I get frustrated because I have an amazing story in my head but I can use a tool as extent as Twine. Please help 🙇🙏🙇

I have a question. Is this part of a saga? Or is it a full game?

There is a God after all

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I just love how you guys have told me a lot and at the same time nothing at all lol. That's some Malkavian shit right  there.  I'm going to try that out. Thanks for replying 😁😚. Oh, almost forgot, does your team have a future game in development? 

Amarantus community · Created a new topic A guide

I just love this piece of work. The drawings are beautiful and the background pictures reminds me of the drawing I'd found in a history book, wich I love.  I do have a problem tho, I want the Major. I want her so bad, but since I'm basically an idiot, I can't choose correctly and trigger  her story line. Is there a guide or would you consider making one. Either way, I still love this visual novel and I can't wait to see future projects. Best of lucks.

So this is the island that where Aelfnod lived?

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Omg, I was shocked when I found out you made a visual novel. Like many others, I'm a sucker for your Blood Moon game. No need to tell you how amazing it is. I was wondering, would you consider making a vn of Blood Moon? To see my Marco take "physical" form, or Farro damn, is getting hot in here all of the sudden. I know it must be easier saying it than doing it but it would actually be a dream come true. Can't wait to play Fairy Tale.

Mmm, god does exist.

Of course not. It's a sin

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And you're not even releasing a bit of it for us? You, dear one, are diabolical

Thanks. Please God let it not be another Berserk.

Has there been an update?

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No disappointment here. I'm happy to have her as a sisterly character, can't wait to see more of her in the future. Back in the day I played Echo thinking it was a strictly gay focused VN but dude, Jenna? Chef kiss with that girl's personality and her story in Route 64 was also good tho short, so i thought that  you guys would make Cynthia romanceable as well.

Echo was (and still is) an amazing experience to me, horror and romance wise (thank you, echo project crew for feeding my most gruesome nightmares). Keep up the good work and take as much time as you need to finish The Smoke Room, I'll be here scratching lines on the wall like in cliche prison movies. Thanks for replying😁

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Wait, i thought the game was finished. Damn. Oh well. Another game to wait for in a endless agony. Also, is there a posibility that Cynthia is going to be a romanceale character? I love Nik and Reed as much as the next guy but Cynthia is so cute and wholesome that I can't help but to fall in love of her.

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Ooooh that's cool. That face reminded me of an episode in the X Files tv show.Thanks for answering. I really look forward to any next project you might have in store for us. Have a nice New Year too. <3

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Very good VN. Been a lover of space opera myself this game was a must play. The art is very beautiful Kinda sad I can't romance anyone of the crew,  but it has an I interesting plot. Aadriya's design reminds me a bit of the Asaris in Mass Effect and Caelia reminds me of the Twil'ek in Star Wars. Also, what's that weird face on the glass when you go to the first planet? Freaky. P.s. Val is hot. 

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I know right! It makes sense when you think about it. I would like him to have more dialogues in the game, the guy is the typical character that seems unimportant and  whatnot but has that feeling of "I have knowledge far beyond any humanhuman's".

So I've been thinking about this for a long time is just a theory  but, I think Jeff could be God, I don't know, I might be overthinking it.