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Hey, no problem! I'm happy to offer constructive criticism (especially if it means the game gets better!)

Tabs would be awesome and I think a great way to save space.

I never did try to click the Engineer, so that's why I had mentioned it in my previous comment. After I had beaten the game once, her character art was in color instead of black and white so I was certain I had unlocked her. I was afraid I'd end up losing all the good stuff I'd built up already so I didn't try a new game. Speaking to that, would it be possible to have a few save slots instead of just the current game you have going?

I'm on Discord for voice acting projects so I have no problems joining your server. I'll do that now and leave these comments here. Thanks for your hard work!

Edit: BTW I just wanted to mention that I can't speak to anything regarding Viruses. I actually never died and had to gain one XD

Thanks for the quick reply!

Firstly, its got lots of potential, I can see that, but I think a lot of my technical issues were getting in the way of it. Great job on the demo so far! Didn't want to seem like I was just trolling you or making it seem like you didn't know what you were doing.

Music: Not a problem. I understand its a demo and that music probably isn't a priority at this point. Tweaking mechanics and smoothing out bugs is, and that's probably a good thing. Just saying that a Metroidvania style game has to have great music. :)

Font: No, its not totally unreadable, but my eyes aren't what they used to be. A more standard font / just making the font take up more physical spacing per letter would be a great addition for some of us older gamers.

Controls: When I first booted the game up, it was in "custom" control scheme. I used those keys to map to JoyToKey initially. However, in mapping these keys I encountered some strange things. For clarification the game auto-recognized my SNES controller as "SNES controller" though I have no idea what this ended up doing to the control scheme. 

So #1 this auto-detection would happen every single time I swapped windows (I.E. to go back and forth to see what button I needed to map next). This may have been messing with my controls every time it happened? 

#2 I then swapped from Custom to Predefined 4. Then I started to experience the next issue, where it kept switching back to Custom.

#3 After I finally got all the keys mapped to Predefined 4, I started actually playing through the game. This was where I noticed that only one of my directional aiming buttons worked (one of the shoulder buttons). The other would simply point straight up. SUGGESTION: perhaps make it so there's instead a button that stops you from moving so that you can use the d-pad/arrow keys to aim?

#4 I'll give the "controller enabled" option a go and see if it fixes some issues.

Graphics: Yeah, my potato of a laptop seemed to not like shaders and I had to turn them off. Any graphical things are my issue for playing on this old hunk of junk LOL. I am playing on Windows 7 BTW.

Hmmm where to start...

I can see how this could be enjoyable. Its got that Super Metroid feel, but its missing many things. For one, there's a severe lack of music which is absolutely key to this genre. Secondly, the game font is terrible. I can barely read it. Third, the controls are seriously bugged; I use JoyToKey to turn my keyboard into my SNES controller. However, Zordak likes to randomly swap the control scheme into things I never programmed/wanted. For instance, I can't seem to aim diagonally up while standing still. Can you have an option to turn off auto-detection? Also, those predefined controls are just madness (Down arrow to confirm? How am I supposed to scroll through a menu!?)

Those things aside it seems like you have a nifty game on your hands. Were I to have a more powerful computer (I.E. not a potato) I can see how some of the graphical options would be fun (water/foilage movement).

A simple pet peeve is how it takes the character a moment to get up to full speed every time she starts moving. Minor, I know, but its something I notice every single time I turn around or enter a new room. Got real old, real fast. Again though, that's my personal annoyance and not a mechanical bug. The way to scroll through menu options after going into your map seems less than efficient. I'd rather there be a way to skip the map and just go straight to options (there's plenty of buttons you could use).

As is, the annoyances are outweighing the fun for me. Maybe I'll come back to this one later.

Not a problem. I'm happy to give my feedback on something I had so much fun with.

Yes, to view which ones I have currently installed. Correct, they are shown in the upper-left when viewing your deck. My issue is that after so many loops through the game it will very likely be the case that I will run out of room for them in such a small horizontal space. That's all. It'd be nice to see their art in original size as well. That's why I was asking for a separate screen for them, pretty much identical to how you view your deck.

As far as the upgrades in the store, I never ran across one that increased my max HP (that would have been very useful!) but perhaps that's because I didn't buy every single upgrade that was offered to me, only the ones that seemed worthwhile. But yes, during my 2nd loop the store offered not one but two Steroids cards for my characters to purchase, even though I already had one installed on my Ninja.

Ahhh, I see. I currently have version 0.719 so perhaps that bug did in fact get fixed. I'll keep the F8 reporting function in mind in case things happen again. In the meantime it seems I need to download the newest version. I suspect that means it'll restart my progress, which means I still don't get to try out that third character yet LOL.

Also, nice to see a developer responding to feedback! Good on  you :)

Very well implemented game mechanics. Very fun for the deck-builder in me. I like the strategy of choosing between which cards to use and which to recycle. Makes combat more interesting, like a simplified version of chess. Looking forward to future updates! 

Some notes follow:

The boss could use more minions or perhaps some special moves, as he's not much challenge. I wish there was a separate screen for the Upgrades, as it seems like its going to run out of space during my 3rd loop. Plus, it would just be more visually appealing. The taunting cards should actually play some kind of sound when used. There should be an indicator and/or a lockout method for trying to purchase/choose an upgrade you already have. As such, I actually bought TWO Steroids cards from the shop thinking they would stack with the other one I had already found, when sadly all I did was waste 200+ credits.

I have some issues with combat not resolving when using the Soldier's base shotgun cards (I think its called Buckshot?). It only started happening after my 2nd loop and also after I modified one of them to have 0 cost/Trash. Since then, about a third of the time I use a Buckshot (be in the 0 cost one or not) the card will do damage but then stops and never allows me to continue my turn. The red range indicators still appear so I suspect whatever event controls the ending of that card is bugged?

Hmmm, very fun deck builder but I keep dying LOL. The RNG actually feels pretty decent and not like a total grab-bag of junk. Although I usually die due to said RNG (running out of weapons or having an alarm set off 4-5 enemies).

Fun idea but far too much RNG. Managed to get to level 9 after restarting the game about 6 times. Would be better if your discards went back into the deck during the same floor. Either the game needs more scope (I.E. longer/more levels) or better hand mechanics (I.E. bigger hand size or the discards comment from above).

Fun little game I beat in less than 10 minutes. However, I ran into a weird bug where it froze after I lost and the screen wouldn't respond. I used task manager to close it, but you can't play again until you open the game and hit the exit button. Only froze the one time though.

Personally, I thought this was going to be a random pull from a deck of cards, not a static hand for each faction. That would have so much more replay value then.