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OMG!!!! Such a good Christmas present!! Thank you so much Dicesuki!! Can't wait!!

I would totally recommend this game if you want a calm game and a heartfelt story. I really enjoyed the game, and it was very interesting to see how the house transformed as the days went buy. 

At the beginning you can get a bit spooked, as there are elements in the house that appear without reason, but once you meet the ghosts, your perspective on things totally change. 

It was very interesting to see that you cannot get all the good endings in one play. I really liked that, as it shows that sadly, you cannot always please everyone, sometimes you just have to choose what to do based on your values and morals. 

Thank you to the developers for bringing such a beautiful story to life.  

Looks like I am not good with plants in virtual life either. I was just like, what else do you need, why are you dying on me!! Took me a while to find the fertilizer. 

Great game! At first it's hard to know what you are supposed to do, but once you understand that the cats are the clue to the game, everything starts to make sense. 

I must admit many of the puzzles I solved them by pure chance, still had a lot of fun!

I guess now is almost the rule to include a route with a gay/lesbian/bi character in an otome game, but let's not mark a game as painfully heterosexual if it doesn't have one. Let's just enjoy the games for what they are. 

And I agree with @AverageWeirdo on the incest topic. It was indeed something risky to add a route with such a complicated background, but the characters are not blood related, and barely now each other, so in essence they are not really family. 

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This game is just amazing!! I fell so much in love with the story! Be prepared to laugh and cry, and just be enchanted with the world and characters brought by Dicesuki. 

Lucette, the MC is a badass. Her character at first might seem to rough but as the story moves along, you come to understand her and see where all that attitude is coming from. 

All the routes are very charming and have a very original spin on the fairy tales, but Karma for me is the best, followed by Walts and Fritz. 

I could say so much more of this story but I will let you all go an experience it for yourself. And the best is that a sequel is coming up at the end of this year, so it is the best time to sail away and start shipping ;)