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Hello, Will. Thanx a lot, Can't wait to fool around with the Char creator.

Same here. Mega DL won't work correctly. How about a G-Drive Link ?

Coool. Brings back that good old feeling of an Arcade Game, I've played a lot in 1983. Thanx for sharing.

Great. This seems to be an interesting bugfix. I've DL'd and I'm gonna test it this weekend. Thanks for your efforts.

Cooool. An updated version. Downloaded and I'm really curious. Thanx a lot.

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Day 7 and it's still pretty much fun, fooling around with your game. Meanwhile, my  GF calls it  "Destroypolis".

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Hey, that's interesting enough for me to ask for more content. It's a way better waste of time than I had expected from the screenshots. Thanx for uploading.  Sim City haters can wreck off their frustation, now .   :)

The highway, the sunset and a muscle car. Still the best stuff.