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makes sense! i mean, it is a huge house :'D

I really enjoyed playing this. My first turn ended in the junk room and i remember being like "oh great the players are mocking me for ending my turn in a cursed room." 

outside of that, the only problem i had was i found myself going in circles between the same rooms because i had a hard time following the direction layout. I fixed it by finding myself back to the entrance and getting some paper to make a crude map with a compass so not to get confused again. Its not a major complaint, but it would have been nice if the directions had updated letting you know after you discovered that room.

for example, if i was in the upper landing it would say "head north, head east, head to the library, head west" (i know thats not the exact format but you catch my drift) 

Like i said, the complaint wasnt a big issue once i started mapping the place out and i stopped going back and forth between the same two rooms (like seriously, i spent three turns going back and forth between the foyer and ballroom, then foyer and coridor, then the coridor and conservatory. along with a few moves going back and forth between the dining hall and ballroom. At one point i thought i had discovered all the rooms until i started mapping and realized i was missing /a lot/ of them)