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Love the set up of this. "The dating game show" was always a guilty pleasure of mine... as well as "blind date". To me this is a combination of them. Bringing back the "losers" to help control the path of the date is a clever mechanic,  and keeps everyone involved. 

I like the design of this and think it's great tool for creating super hero casts... maybe even for an indie comic/manga. I can't wait to try it with my friends when we get a chance.

This is really nice. Appreciate both the layout and the concept. Gonna recommend it to all my friends or anyone who will listen. Will be very helpful in solo rpgs.

I really like the base of this. Wheels turning in my head of stuff to add. Definitely thinking of designing a deck of cards for it, with suits replaced with icon for the category(well except heart). Hope to give it a solo shot later this week. Really happy with this first step into the Possible Worlds.

All those poor Dorns wondering the republic looking out for giant spiders.

Yes very nice. There is another in this jam with these kinda vibes...your backgrounds would really play well there. Blanket Warder teamed with a Monster under the bed, who has finally given up on scaring folks, would be cool sphere jumping material.

When my friends and I ran across Troika in the itch social justice bundle, we thought it was a joke. But we so loved the backgrounds and ideas. Then when you announced this fest, well heck we realized it was becoming a bit of a deal. Thanks for making us unhip masses aware!

This is one of my favorites of the jam. Love the art, concepts, and layout. I would love to play these guys in other spheres.

Love it. Like the layout and concept.

Some good ideas. Would love to see it expanded more. The Fox Tarot reader is worth the visit, though I have a anthropomorphic version in my mind. Would love to see some art of these.

Loved this, so had to back the CD release. Hope it's successful for you.

Interesting art style. Very crisp. Like an ancient mural drawn by believers of sacred geometry.

Look forward to this. Enjoyed the layout of the original.

Oh this is very well done. I like you have embraced a more sci-fi approach. It seems a lot of Troika content leans more toward fantasy.

Very well done. Like the inclusion of Academy things...before it's launch.