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If you look on her tumblr, she explains it a bit more!! If i remember clearly, noelle is lesbian, but she doesn't really know it in this game (so she thinks she's straight?? or just doesn't know?? something like that) . I think the author is going o cover that in the second game!! and yeah, I'm pretty sure this game is linear. If you want to know more you should go on her tumblr ^^

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I played this a while back, i think when i first getting into visual novels n games and ??? It's still one of my favourite games !!! It's so well done, the concept is simple but so engaging and just bjakdfsgvhb ??? The characters are just so amazingand it's so easy to completely fall in love with them and anyways i just rlly think this a god like game !!

this game is actually the cutest uwu

ah okay!! It's understandable, school is really important, I was just curious ^^. Good luck with your semester btw!! I'll be looking out for the revamped version :-)

will / have you uploaded the full game ? just curious ^^