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adri heart

A member registered Nov 02, 2019

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you don’t have to apologize! you’ve made a wonderful game and bugs are bound to occur, I’m glad that I could help out :^)

found another bug I believe? it's after officer mike asks what happened the night before, and you have the option to either say that you don't remember or that you did a lot of terrible things yesterday, there's no dialogue afterwards.

what's your discord?

also (spoiler ish i guess?) I've been trying out a bunch of different dialogue options and for some reason, after officer mike calls katie "matthew" after suspecting us of being possessed, neither option of "I'm Katie" or "I understand" have any dialogue afterwards? I figure this is just a bug or something, but I've reloaded the game multiple times and it still won't go on from there.

i'm really struggling with finding all the endings! is there any chance of a walkthrough?