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So I had to play through this ENTIRE game 3 times to get all the endings but it was SO worth it. Thanks so much for this awesome experience. I actually enjoyed putting as much time as I did into this. Here is my full playthrough with all of the endings.

Thanks for the awesome game! I left a couple critiques hope that's alright. It was a good time playing it!

Thanks so much for this terrifying little game! Wish it was longer. I LOVE the haunted mirrored reality idea. I could see this being much bigger!

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SUPER scary game! Thanks so much for your awesome work! Footage starts at 11:17

This game was AWESOME. My absolute favorite out of the three in this video. It's the first one!

Dig it! Thanks so much for this game!
Starts at 19:54 in this video.

This game shows some very real interactions and harsh reality in the gaming industry. Thanks so much, had a good time playing it!

Thanks for this nice little game, great idea!

Thanks so much for this rad game. Played it with a friend of mine and had tons of fun!

Thanks so much! I loved the subtle messages through it of the MC being a bad guy. Very thought provoking. Also absolutely horrifying monster.

Oh wow, Nice! I loved the progression in it. I'm a fellow singer/guitarist. Great work! I'll post my video here when I get it finished up and posted!

What is the song at the end? I want to post a gameplay video of it but I was curious if it was something that would cause a copyright issue. Awesome game, definitely worth the time to play it. Atmospheric!

Had a really good time playing this! Thanks for the awesome game! Here's my "let's play" of it.