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Awesome!  Thanks for answering

Loving the game so far, but I wonder if there's a walkthrough planned? I'm having a little trouble getting some of the endings.

Yeah, me too. I found out on the last route because I got frustrated about the saving thing, and pressed a bunch of buttons in exasperation. Then I just stared at the screen for a second and cracked up at myself.

Hi, I just wanted to mention I had the same problem with the saving, but accidentally found out you can bring it up with Esc.

I'm so excited for this! If it's as good as Requiesence, I have no doubt it will be a hit! I'm really happy with what little I've played so far. Riv cracks me up!

I love this game. But the bad endings- you know how to get us right in the feels. Amazing game. Thank you!

I love this game so much! The dynamic between Carrault and Damien is just the best. If you ever make a sequal, I'll buy it so fast it makes your head spin. You guys are awesome!

Can I just tell you that the writing in this game is amazing? The characters are very well rounded out for a game of it's size. Everything else is amazing, too. I can't handle how awesome this game is!