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I'm scared of jester's but this one is kinda....

also i meant "bouncing" not "boucing" i accidentally mispelled that before lol


can you post one of the music games? my fav sound in the game is boucing crystals, i mean post one of the music games in spotify or youtube

yea ik i accidentally thought the door locked by itself

im good at typing in a future keyboard (or present keyboard) BUT FROM THE PAST KEYBOARD BEFORE DEVICES LIKE DEVICE COMPUTERS ARE HARDER (typewriters)

the game is good but i experienced some bugs...the entryway door is locked and i cant pick up the entrydoor key can you fix it

my plant is very bored of my but good thing i took care of it! 

i mostly use google but there is no more bugs the background is working properly now :D

alright! thanks

im using desktop (pc) but since you say its supposed to be black i wonder why mine is grey but i guess i have a bug

(1 edit)

how do i see the game images? when i play the game it just shows a gray screen and a black box that has buttons and words but idk if that's normal

i used windows but somehow it just keeps on exitting

i watched a video and its 250

can you fix the overtime recommended version? when i start the game it does not start i already clicked multiple times and it still does not start, can you fix it?

alright thank you!

your welcome :>

why does my game lag in day 3?

to make mochi you have to spell cook 2 times after you spelled the word that is on the rice

how did you make the mochi?

i just realized how hard is to use a typewriter ;w

how do i get medicine in the game?

yey :D

anyone english?