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omg please no... 

the evil crying baby.... 

great now im never eating at mcdonalds again

I ran out of time playing this which is sad but still it was funny and so far what i saw was amazing!

it was creepy and made me think of an SCP containment sector. 

liked the game no lie, the issue is the build up of the chase sequence with the guy appearing behind you. 

Good Game... but thats my baby! no Touching Da Baby! 

thanks for scaring me.. one my favorite shows to watch now ruined 

just why?? I already feel uneasy with elevators now this just strengthens the fear 

i actually couldnt find the other radios so I failed here 

soooo i love it lol sequels to other games are always great. and the anime girls ;) too bad i burned them alive. 

Ok i liked the levels and i made this part of my video series on games from and it was fun. loved u get thrown through walls 

It was good and ive seen a couple of horror themed games about Bikini Bottom, my only issue was with Squidward, he didnt seem scary at all and didnt really do anything unless you were right in his face. I watched him walk past me a couple of times with nothing happening. But still good game 

Thanks for making my mind over think and having to wake up thinking someone was in my attic only to remember i sleep upstairs in the attic.

the only issue i had was the fact of the speed of the characters movement. but that is it the surrounded sound messed with me so i got spooked 

Why the dancing? I loved it the random dancing of the NPCs made me laugh 

Ok i want the full game, i need to see how this game unfolds cause its creepy and i loved it 

Ok this was good but my issue is with the ending there was lil buildup so the scare didnt really set in but still good job 

Ok this was fun but i had issues with the car at first which made me laugh 

Good work and the game had my head scratching wondering what was going on loved the mystery tho 

Game was weird and the dude sounds like Peter Griffin and I kept waiting for Lois to show up XD Fun ill say

Im gonna say I love it!!! I love scary games and this got me lol anymore you got? 

Fun game but my only issue is the returning to the start after dying to Bucky, the game has a lot of potential to be an amazing game. 

Great game tbh I liked it, slow build up but the end got me. Idk what the option to hide was about since I really didnt see anything stalking the halls after me tho. 

I saw this game and figured why not right? Could be fun i like the dark... anyways i couldnt find all the switches cause that thing had me on edge good short game tho. 

I can say I absolutely loved the story of this game, literally the best one ive played so far from 

Gonna say I loved it, it was funny and squidward got me good XD 

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this game was ridiculously funny! I enjoyed it and it did give me a bit of a scare, like why was the dude naked?? XD 

I LOVED IT, i got stuck on the door code and i ran away xD but i enjoyed the game 

Good game, is there gonna  a part 2? would love to see it if there is, my only notes is the story at the beginning didnt seem flushed out enough 

DUDE! He wouldn't stop chasing me, even after being stunned his body slides up to me and he got me every time

DUDE i loved it, the game was made amazingly and I want more 

Dude I just wanted some wendy's no I get chased by IT's bat crazy cousin into the sewer!

I need to play the full game!!! now!!!! 

It looked like fun maybe my download was bugged cause I couldnt pick up any key cards but i loved it. 

This was spooky and im never gonna visit any place like this, also i hate those statues now 

Ok so yes I actually liked this game i didnt think i would but i enjoyed it! 

It was a fun short shooter, wish there was more to it

It was the landlord this entire time.. I knew it! 

This game, that rat, that other thing... why