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What a gem of a game. There is so much I love about it I don't know where to begin...  I could not stop playing, & when I did I could not stop thinking about it lol. Intriguing characters and storyline. Perfectly executed gameplay.  Endearing art & soundtrack. The developers put a lot of thought into every aspect of the game & it shows!!

Time-based combat is so smart, takes away the frustration of waiting helplessly, & keeps the anticipation up. The puzzles inbuilt into maps were so cleverly done as well!! 

The twists in the story are so well done too!! They don't just come out of nowhere, as there is quite a bit of foreshadowing. & whenever something is revealed all the pieces of the puzzle come together so perfectly it's satisfying. 

This game is so smart, thinks out of the box, & gets pretty meta lol.

I've found my fav game ever!! <3 

lol this game tickles me. I'm so confused but also so entertained.

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Haven't played a visual novel in ages, this was definitely a good one to start with again! Love the aesthetic, interesting setup, & engaging storyline. You choose who you want to be: empathetic, gutsy, funny, ambitious, level-headed... Pretty inclusive game with representation of BIPOC, non-binary persons, aromantics.. I also like that for a romance game, the climax of the game wasn't just getting your partner! But actually riding out life together and facing life's challenges. It brought more depth into the relationship & to the characters as well. Also appreciate how it captured the heaviness of depression/hopelessness ~ & also the importance of support of loved ones in reaching your dreams.

I was surprised I got to romance Gavin, was initially really into Naomi & she was my highest ranked throughout? but somehow she wasn't into me T_T Gavin's such a sweetheart though, he won me over.

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My first playthrough:  I had my hands over my eyes half the time lol. 

I'm not someone who can handle horror games, but have been challenging myself to face my fears by playing some horror games.. I thought this would be a good game to ease into, and was very drawn to the cute art-style. 

I appreciate that there wasn't any cheap jump-scares, but rather, the uneasiness came from the atmosphere - music, subtle noises & changes in environment. It was a good buildup that kept me on edge the whole time!!!  

I understand that this is a prologue & thus the limitations of just one ending to set up for the full game, but it would have been cool to have been able to achieve different endings... Also an option to skip seen dialogue, would make subsequent playthroughs more enjoyable I think.

I really enjoyed this game tho! Music, art, story, characters are all well done!

I love this little brat!!! He comes & nibbles on my cursor & actually runs off with it LOL. Leaves little muddy footprints all over my screen. & pulls in memes. 

It's nice to have a lil computer pet as companionship, especially if you're working from home through this covid!!

If you can, play this on your phone instead of the computer. It definitely pulled me in with how real it felt - to the point that I freaked out when I accidentally clicked "call dad" when reading through messages, & felt relieved when I realized the phone had no more credits LOL. (phone anxiety anyone??) 

A well-made game that has beautiful aesthetics, calming music, & a really good narrative. It's intriguing to uncover the story though piecing together messages/emails/reading through forums. Also the way that the game approaches heavy topics is very relatable & real.