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lag mechanic op

If you like this you'll looooooove Frontier Scum 😳

This has some sick layout vibes

If it's any consolation it's all copied word for word right out of the Frontier Scum core rulebook

I'm playing the stolen content angle here

You'll take my 15 copies of Dalmatian Puppy - Tail Wagger from my warm moist hands as I sit in a jacuzzi on the 47th floor at a 5 star hotel in Shibuya that you paid for

Hell yeah! This is exactly how it should go, absolute chaos and thinking on your feet 🤘 thanks for sharing! 

That sounds solid, definitely gonna try running it this way next time! 

Thank you! Glad that it worked out fun 🤟

Oh and in case you missed it, the kickstarter for a new FS adventure, TIDES OF ROT, is launching September 5th! 

How do I download this

Heya! The landscape leading up to the canyon is assumed to be very flat, so the dust cloud could still be a ways away. 

I don't really have a good answer for how far away or how much time it would take for them to catch up ... it's all abstracted into the "timer" mechanic, so you could really scale it any which way. I think a two-day trek sounds like an eminently reasonable interpretation! 

The effect of the setpieces on the story also depends on the situation. If the law is closing in the gang might see the saloon as a great place to make a last stand, or maybe the allure of an abandoned bank is reason enough. 

There was another comment here proposing modifying the number of checks you make based on the speed of the slowest PC's horse, which could certainly spice up the chase as well!

Let us know how you get on! 

Hey! Thank you for the kind words 🙏

The premise does sort of depend on players getting distracted by things such as the bank etc, something that is more likely to happen with more players. When that isn't the case throwing some spanners (hyenas) in the works like you did is a great way to handle it. 

The horse idea sounds interesting and could defo work, though I would consider how to handle a larger group of players where people may have different kinds of horses. I suppose they would have to adjust to the slowest person in the party? 

Thank you! Glad you enjoy it 😄

Heya! Affinity Publisher is the absolute bread and butter of doing rpg stuff in my opinion. But there's a cool integration between Publisher, Photo, and Designer if you have all three, where you can switch between them on the go in the same Publisher file. That said, Designer is probably the least necessary if the lot since Publisher comes with some vector editing functionality as it is. 

So I would recommend at least Publisher, Publisher + Photo for all of the most important things (from my perspective), and all three if you wanna go all out! 

Thank you! They were a smash hit in my campaign 🤠

Unfortunately not, I don't have PS so don't know how to go about making that happen 😔 Come on over to Affinity!

Been looking forward to this since y'all teased it way back when. Love it! 

A must have for when the PCs touch grass they ough not have

This is amazing! 

Mcglintlock also put together a design primer as a living document with some pointers on the setting and visual aspects, might be of use!

Fantastic what can be accomplished with just a few tables. Playtested this and the escalating horror was tangible. From just the slightly weird shit like clocks ringing to blowing up a moth monster with dynamite on a beached riverboat, all while taking some beautiful photographs. Great fun!

Heya and thanks! There is definitely the chance of more classes in the future. If you have some typescript experience you can even make a pull request on the Github to add your own 😎

Thank you for reading, and for such a kind and detailed breakdown! ❤️

Heya! Classless characters roll 2 random abilities with 4d6d1 and the remaining two with 3d6. So the same as the book! 

Cheers! It could really be ruled whatever way you want, but I imagined it as your bones and flesh sort of bending and folding over itself until you become a pretty gory version of the animal. 

Stoked y'all enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing <3

While fight rings are entirely legal, rap battles carry the penalty of death! 

Killing it with the layout and art!

I love this!

That's a message itch adds when you set up community copies that cannot be changed afaik 😔

Thanks for the support though, appreciate it loads! I guess I'll have to come up with something to give you 🤔

I hope you regale us with the tales of the Calamurder Squid!

Thanks <3 And I like you!