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Suuch a well-thought and enjoyable game, thank you! I donated and can’t wait for updates!

I reeeally loved the game. It’s so cleverly made. It really reminded me of Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga — and it’s my favorite game of all times! The way you see unsolvable elements in a puzzle or areas that you can’t reach, and then you upgrade your sword and realize that it can be done — it's such a nice feeling.

I was struggling in the ice level with the cracked rock, and saw people suggesting adding a dialog box that hints you towards upgrading your sword. The hint is definitely needed, but it would be a lot cooler to not use the game’s interface for it. For example, the animal in the same room could hint on the solution by saying “man, some things just can’t be moved” or something like that.

The only thing I didn’t like was the falling mechanic. When you have to go from one dungeon to another and fall at the end to do it aaall over again it‘s frustrating.

Thank you for this wonderful experience!

what an adorable game!! thank you so much it was amazing!

Thank you for the amazing game, I couldn’t stop playing until I have cleared the map! Looking forward to new updates

Thank you!

Can you reach the upper floor in the full game, after the “1”? Is it possible to get to the roof, where the city is?


P.S. — thank you for releasing the digital version right away!

This is amazing I played for like 2 hours. Thank you for the game

still waiting for sth new to happen

How to exit the first room?

so well made!<3

so can I get in demo that job which is only for students with remarkable test score?

To me this was a joke which I laughed at, and also an indicator that now I have an option of killing

Great story, atmosphere and dialogs. I’ll be waiting for the full game!

can’t dm, maybe you need to follow me back. My name is Makarka

Where can I write you?

amazing! thank you for making it. wish there were more levels!!

Woow the story is good

How are such good games free??? I enjoyed it a lot!

That is a piece of art

Yout games are amazing

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Amazing game. I loved the story and the ending. It looks and sounds beautiful. Thank you for making it!

I also have feedback for the game. Would you like to hear it?

OMG hooray junji ito!

Very clever game

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Doesn't open on mac

I broke the game haha. The concept is amazing!!

That was awesome!!

Yeah, but there is only .exe file, which Mac can't run. 

How can I install the game on MAC? 

Really cool concept, makes me look all over the room every time I proceed with the survey. The game has a vibe of Stanley Parable (which I love!!!!), but it is a horror game! I wish there were more different options and endings, and I am really looking forward to playing a more complete version of the game:)

Thank you for the experience !!!