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Thanks for the reply and sorry for bothering you. As a kid, I spent maybe hundreds of hours on Atic Atac. M'M seems like his worthy successor to me and I really look forward to it more than any triple A title. Can't wait ... :)

Hi guys, any news? Any hope of being able to play M'sM by July?

Great!!! Thanks for the answer, can't wait to play it. :)

Fantastic... Any news about the release of the final version?

Over 800!?!?! Ok, I bought it... This gonna be the best C64 game to date...

Thanks a lot!

I'm really impressed!!! Only one question:
How big is MW ULTRA compared to Hessian (around 700 screen)?

State creando quello che potrebbe, senza alcuna difficoltà, diventare un classico. Vi prego, non lasciatelo incompiuto.