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Fantastic horror game

Graphics: The playstation graphics was amazingly done and I don't think the game would be the same without it

Gameplay/Controls: The game play was awesome and simple pick up box move it to assigned area and sometimes sneak a peek. Controls were understandable and very responsive no stuttering or confusion on my game

Sound: The sound was done perfectly the ambient sound was on point and made me be on the edge of my seat because I had no clue what was gonna happen next

Conclusion: Wonderful horror game highly recommend you can expect me to play future projects from you and keep up the great work


Episode 2: Peter's House

Awesome horror game

Graphics: fantastic playstation like graphics with the wonderful touch of black and white 

Game play and Controls: game play was understandable capture moths run from Mothra very nicely done controls was easy to understand and very responsive

Sound: the thunder storm brought wonderful atmosphere to the game and the sound of moths and Mothra made me feel uneasy which was amazing

8/10 very nicely done I can not wait to see future projects from you

Episode 1 Moth House

Amazing Game Fantastic

Graphics: Amazing low poly PS1 graphics done amazing with cartoon like characters mixed in very well

Gameplay/ Controls: Point A to B is a classic and done very well here. the humor was awesome and very funny with the horror not coming to the end. The Controls was very understandable and love the control screen integrated  in the parking lot very nice touch.

Sound: Amazing crisp and clear ambiance was awesome it really made it feel like i was in a mall.

9/10 Highly Recommend  Playing This Game Its Is Fantastic Can Not Wait to See Future Projects

Playthrough Video:

Nicely Done had me on the edge of my seat the entire time.

Graphics: Nicely done on the ps1 graphics style and very immersive.

Gameplay/Controls: Point A to Point B is a classic and you did an amazing job with it the scripted moment were amazing.

Sound: The Ambiance was awesome it had me on the edge of my seat the whole playthrough every turn I thought something was going to get me amazing. 

7/10 Wonderfully Done Can't Wait to See Future Games

Playthrough Video:

Nicely Done

Graphics: Beautiful the objects and landscape were amazing it was showing off what Unreal can really do amazing

Gameplay/Controls: Nicely Done on gameplay where you understand from the get go what you need to do and go. Controls were understandable and straight foward 

Sound: amazing ambient sounds and the cops radio made it seem like I was the police officer Nicely Done

9/10 Amazingly Done Can't Wait Till Full Release

Playthrough Video:

Wonderfully Funny Game

Graphics: very simplistic but very very good no tears or rips at least from my play through

Gameplay/Controls: go to point A then point B back to Point A is a traditional method and works very well for this game nicely done. The controls were very understandable and nice. 

Sound: Nice ambiance sound going, nice sounds all around the door sound was a little annoying after a while but that is completely fine.

7/10 very nicely done i can't wait to see your future works  

OMG Fantastic horror game

Graphics: VHS Style always a favorite of mine

Gameplay: Simple talk to customers and do chores but excellently done

Sounds: Fantastic crickets, dog barking, wind very atmospheric and wonderful i was on the edge the entire time

Excellent work keep it up 

Very wonderfully done 

Graphics: nice simplistic but good

Gameplay: simple find this return to person no complains there

Sound: it was good very quiet but good

All and all very well done 7/10

Nicely Done 

Graphics: very good very spooky and true to a old style

Gameplay: Understandable and wonderful indicator to start dodging bikes, and etc.

Sound: Simple Just bike sounds and ambiance love it 

all and all very well done I look towards your future games 

I loved it

Graphics: wonderful vhs/Ps1 style always a favorite of mine

Gameplay: simple and very understandable point a to b a classic but done amazing

Sound: very wonderfully done especially with the ambiance and 8 may I pooped a little

10/10 very very amazing job

Very well done 

Graphics: amazing VHS horror graphics

Sound: very nicely done very atmospheric 

Gameplay: understandable and very smooth on the controls 

Very very nicely done highly recommend 

Oh I'm sure they are and we can't forget about the great Santa cheek clapping that also wonderful

It's on my list of ones to do that and theatre unrest

It is now on my Playlist lol I got 2 this far in going back to get the others most definitely thank you for being an awesome developer and providing everyone amazing and wonderful games to play i have been a fan sense nox timore and will continue to be from now till eternity

Very awesome concept 

Graphics: very Ps1 I love it

Gameplay: the having to resealing of your arm wound is a wonderful mechanic and keeps you from just standing there and kill time

sound: menu music is awesome the ambiance is great keeps you on your toes and terrified 


Very well done

Graphics are amazing I especially love the partial hand drawn aspect 

Sound was awesome I felt uneasy the entire way 

Gameplay was great understandable and simple love it

Spook factor was great not over the top just enough to make you uneasy and feel like something bad will happen 


I love this game sounds was good, voice over excellent work, graphics were really good, gameplay was great and understandable very well done I can't wait to see your next project

Oooo love the thumbnail hand drawn

This was very good spooky in some parts weird on another but all and all very nicely done keep up the wonderful work

Very well done sound was good except for the copyrighted music lol, graphics were amazing very playstation like, game play easy to learn easy to use, spook factor was very good I hated looking out the window and the dread of looking in the rooms were awesome all and all I can't wait for the full release and keep up the great work

Fantastic work on this game i can not wait for the full release 

sound was wonderful, graphics beautiful and fantastic, gameplay was great all around wonderful work

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Fantastic work on a wonderful horror game amazing sound and game play

Very well done graphics are amazing, gameplay was solid, mechanics were easy to understand and spook factor was at max can not wait for the sequel to come out 

Wonderfully made short horror game

very wonderfully done. amazing gameplay amazing sound and feel beautifully done you did amazing 

Wonderful game atmosphere was great sound was great and game play was really good awesome job 

Very wonderfully made game visuals are faithful to Mario 64 and so is the music and sounds very highly recommend 

Very wonderfully done loved every second of it 

The Ward community · Created a new topic very nicely done

it was very weird but very interesting at the same time i would def love a sequel at some point to know how these creatures came to exist, was i one of them, why was it called the ward 

a very different take on the creepypasta but a welcome one wonderful job 

very nicely done very gameplay and i love the retro psx graphics keep them coming 

Awesome come by I love visitors :)

I got through chapter 2 and a little of 3 I confused myself on 3 which isn't hard to do 

this was truly enjoyable very well done i loved it 

very wonderful prequel to a loved game on my channel i love the different take on it can not wait for future installments 

So far they do so I will be playing more :) 

wonderful game and wonderful storytelling very well done i can't wait to see more

I got lost lol but it was still awesome and very scary