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The Ward community · Created a new topic very nicely done

it was very weird but very interesting at the same time i would def love a sequel at some point to know how these creatures came to exist, was i one of them, why was it called the ward 

a very different take on the creepypasta but a welcome one wonderful job 

very nicely done very gameplay and i love the retro psx graphics keep them coming 

Awesome come by I love visitors :)

I got through chapter 2 and a little of 3 I confused myself on 3 which isn't hard to do 

this was truly enjoyable very well done i loved it 

very wonderful prequel to a loved game on my channel i love the different take on it can not wait for future installments 

So far they do so I will be playing more :) 

wonderful game and wonderful storytelling very well done i can't wait to see more

I got lost lol but it was still awesome and very scary

Always lol but I fixed it in future videos,

Very wonderfully done I love the simplistic yet futuristic design I highly recommend

If you want to i can provide my voice t you guys for free sense I liked the game that much

Wonderful game love the graphics and fabrication and the sound was amazing just a little work in the voice acting but that's OK

and wishlisted

No problem at all very good work on the game

very awesome take on the old legend very well done 

very wonderfully made game very awesome sounds was awesome graphics amazing and spooky 

I will definitely be back for the final version I will keep a watch out and make a video on that one as well

very solid game very spooky and scary the only problem i had was picking up stuff other than that it was wonderful 

finished it to the end wonderful wonderful ending and game very awesome work 

Wonderful job very well made reminded me alot of silent hill

Wonderful game very simplistic and i love it

I most certainly will this happens about lol

Love it very wonderful but I think I broke it lol

very beautiful very wonderful the gameplay was good, controls excellent,visuals perfect anime style can not wait for the full release 

very big twist at the end very good looking game and gameplay 

I loved it It was wonderful. I can not wait to see your future projects

Wonderful game highly recommend short sweet and to the point with multiple endings I love it I think you will to

Haha you're fine she just took me by a huge surprise. Thank you for such a wonderful game

wonderful wonderful game congratulations you almost killed me because it was so scary

I love the game it was fantastic and very heartfelt I highly recommend this game

Wonderful game short sweet and to the point with the spooks great job 

no problem at all i'm excited about future projects from you guys

very funny highly unexpected it was wonderful and a great surprise

the sounds and story was so wonderful I highly recommend this game

wonderful game great gameplay very fast paced

so I broke the game the first time this is my second try to beat it, also the ending is awesome Wonderful job I loved it