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برام یه سوال پیش اومد که چرا وقتی ما به اون هدف میرسیم یهو مپ عوض میشه ؟چرا مثلا یه مانع یا در نگداشتین ؟ هدف خاصی داشتین؟

خیلی خوب بود . فقط اینکه تو اون مرحله که تیر شلیک میشد و باید از پلتفرم ها بالا میفرتیم اون کادر بالای کارامتر مانع دیدن شدن تیر ها میشد و اینکه فاصلشون خیلی کم بود از پلتفرم ها  .

Thanks for the video , we will remember to delete the cursor from our next games.

Thanks, but the project is done. we are not gonna release any update.

Thanks for playing!

Well done!

Thanks, anyway..

The thing that hurts is when you lose, you get the feeling that you lost out of nowhere. It is absolutely a feature of your game's mechanic but it was an annoying experience for me.

wish you best..

I recommend not to rely on the description, players may not read them.

fun idea, but the control over the jump is bit hard and when you click "DownArrow" it falls too fast and again it's hard to control..

I couldn't figure out what should I do..


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