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If you mean to sell him and get money then i already done that and grinded a lot of money

Does the 0.1 ends when you get the chance to move around for the first time or there is something i can do because I'm only fighting the slime


can you please post something on the development log cuz now we need to play the game and go play in every route to know which one got updated

Also sometimes you might rework something and no one will notice

I love your game and keep up the good work I'm sure your game is gonna be one of a kind 

if i can pay money for it i wouldn't mind but i can't 

Still its a good idea 

i always say that little details makes a pro better then the average and little details makes everything better even if no one noticed it

This game is the best <3

In my opinion i think that shoichi's route is amazing even though i really wanted him to win and i wanted more days and a CG but i still think that its amazing and WOTB is trying his best with it

I'm also on pc and alao the android version is the same as the pc

Haruki just got a smile expression and I'm sure that he didn't have it before this update 

Just pay attention to his jaw and you will see it curve a little bit upwards giving the smile that is hard to notice 

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when i say Aki's route i mean that Yuu spend time with him and being the older brother that he needs when he gets into trouble that Yuu had already experienced when he was 12 years old and we can know more about aki and will know yuu even more cuz they are brothers and they will have very similar life when they were young also we will be able to see his social life and know more about Aki's secret "date" and if WOTB wanted to even expand it more yuu will become pro and will start teaching aki and practice with him and he will be slacking off just as yuu did and it will be a great story etc. 

i hate that i need to wait 3 months for the next shoichi update

This game is so good that i can't live my life if i don't finish shoichi's route 

I'll play the other routes after i finish shoichi and then I'll wait for aki's route and then Haruki's route and then Yuuya's route if they will ever exist 

I'm already excited for something that might never come true

Also good job you added different expressions for Haruki and Saya the game is getting better every update 😍🤩😀

please WOTB let us spend more time with aki

It doesn't have to be that we make a relationship with him but he is so cute and he is following his brother bath so spending time with him will be never forgotten and it will be the most interesting story cuz we will get to know yuu when he was a kid

i think its better if he keep everything the way they are

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[Spoiler] if you keep your default name there is a time shoichi will call you (yuu) in the first 3 maybe 4 days and you get surprised and when he ask for a shorter name to call you and you stay with the default name (yuu) he will say that he want to call you that a lot

the game is great and even though i always look for nsfw but this story is very good and i will play the entire game even if it was 1000 days long just to know how will the story go 

Also if we use the default name in the beginning does it change any thing they say?