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Thank you for organizing such a great jam, it pushes the entire industry forward!

Thanks! I should really normalize the sounds to make them fit better across.

Great method for map editing, if you open it up to players ( to upload their own images ), then the replay value potential here is even larger.

I don't think you even need a dedicated map editor.

Awesome compilation!


Yes please :D

Thank you for the awesome review!

Hope to fix some things and add more stuff to the path in the next update.

No, maybe I'm just old lol. I try to tilt the device to find the cube in space, but somehow mess up the orientation most of the time.

I have it installed on my phone and I will not rest until I get 5 points at least haha

Glad you liked it guys! I'll keep updating it after the contest is done.

Thank you! I will try to add some more things after the voting period.

Thanks, good luck to you too!

شكراً جزيلاً!!


Man, it's extremely difficult for me to turn the device around, I got 1 point high score :(

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Nice concept with the constellation slides, would be good to have a video showing how you play, since that's the closest thing  to actually trying the game.

Go into the "Mono" folder, there you will find the correct exe of the game. it was probably built within another unity build folder.

You should let him eat fast food and avoid all fruits instead, it's a dinosaur! :D

Smart use of the phone for solving puzzles, I passed the ketchup, gears, and lamp , but got stuck on "going home".

Well done!

The 3 mini games are actually fun, especially the color path painter.

Don't know if you really didn't finish the game, or it was all part of the joke :D

Wow, awesome work! Very fun and innovative!

lol, cute art and animation. Those mosquitoes are annoying as hell!

Very polished art and design, extremely difficult though!

And using the Blender game engine is awesome, first time I see it :D

Interesting narrative that makes you want to know the source of the light, reached the "WOW" section before giving up. 

Good effort!

Thought I was just playing a runner, then it split into two runners, and then three!

Very nice idea!

Thought I was playing a cute platformer collecting letters, then it turned into a chemistry lesson!

How do you escape this class without the teacher noticing?

Thanks, glad you like it!

"Are you done?"


*keeps clicking*


Pretty good gameplay concept, it can be polished and made into something bigger.

And thanks for the potatoes!

Very fun and funny, love when they get super angry near the end :D

Good effort!

Reminds me of "Will Hero" with the pushing forward mechanic.

This is like the SuperHot of mobile jumping games, nice!

Very smart game design! This could be expanded into a nice game.

Mission 5 was the trickiest for me, but I got them all, well done!

Fantastic game!

Seriously this is some evolution of Tetris, you could play it for hours.

Awesome work, lots of fun and very challenging to switch between shapes on the fly. Reached the level with several gates with spikes after them, so hard to switch from rect to ball to rect so quickly with the mouse.

A winner for sure!

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Awesome gameplay, really love the powerful magic effect, and the entire bouncy animation for characters and items.

This can be expanded into something bigger, well done!

Got a score of 22 BTW :D

Answered literally everything wrong lol

Interesting switching mechanic, had me planning the positions of all boxes carefully in the last level. Would love to see more of this with some more polish.

lol, I wanted to eat that big pizza even if it means I suffocate :D

Good fun gameplay with hunger and no-sleep mechanics, reached the end, would love to see more.

5 star quality all the way, had alot of fun playing! Loved the sad intro at the beginning, it hints to an interesting story.

Got to the second key before being shot but the bullet.

Don't want to continue because I might break the laptop screen in anger...