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It's been awhile, but the browser version just released. Feel free to play and share that with your youth!

We just released the browser version. It plays great on a Mac running Chrome! :)

Playing as a glitchy bunch of pixels in a glitchy virtual world is such a cool and unique concept ripe for creating interesting game design. Encountering multiple "game over" tiles simulated a computer crash, which was perfectly aligned with this game's visual aesthetic. Getting from the beginning to the end of the game in one shot had challenging memorization quality to it. Collecting stars was also good motivation to keep trying after a reset, as was finding word keys to piece together the narrative's mystery.

Can't wait to play this again with the final ending after gathering all of the items!

Woah, this was really spooky! The boat in the tree illustration really got my imagination going, and seeing the skeleton made the encounter with it feel all the more real.

There are a lot of unique endings in this branching interactive narrative. I had a great time trying all of the different paths to see where I ended up in the end after this wild encounter with the boat in the woods.

LOVED this game!

I was motivated to see it through to the end as soon as I spoke to the old man. I felt excited to find the $10k, so it made navigating the cave system all worth it. The cave design was frustrating at times, but it really effectively conveyed the feeling of rooting around in the dark for path forward. I was so relieved when I emerged from below the surface and completed the game. The cat easter egg was also delightful.

I can't wait for the sequel. ;)


Growing up in the West Coast the vibe of this game really struck a nostalgia chord for me. The rain is wonderfully atmospheric. The narrative is rich and poetic. This feels like a full, complete narrative experience. I'm very impressed with how the co-developers were able to build a cohesive experience together. I want to play more!

This Maize likes this maze! HA. Get it?

This is a great preview of a larger unfolding narrative that's clearly present. WHAT DOES THE CAT MEAN?! I'd love to see more levels!

Simple, yet atmospheric! This game really got my mind racing. What are the implications of choosing a side to align with to fight a terrible war? Who are The Venom and The War. Dark, disturbing, and entertaining. Nice work!

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Thanks for your question! Please accept our apologies for the miscommunication in that announcement. Unfortunately, the MacOS version of Terra Nova wasn't ready in time for launch in October. We're currently working on getting it done, so stay tuned!