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Maine Inventor - Jonathan Santos

A member registered Dec 28, 2020

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Amazing how much they added. Easily triple the amount of content and real puzzles. I would def pay for a full-length Steam game from these guys.

Finished! Very cool - the game wants you to play it again for another ending, watch

OMG - pretty fun, short puzzle game!

Halloween treat! Best horror game in a while, great story telling, visuals, and sound. Def download and play this 1 hour game today, for Halloween! Great job devs - please make a longer, full length release!

Amazing horror game! Reall well done indie. The design and sound are top notch and the developer should do horror games full time. Would definitely suggest downloading and playing this game!


Great game, well done programming, sounds,  effective and worth the playthrough

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Very good (start). The developer has a keen eye and a great sense of pacing, art direction, and storytelling. The first chapter really felt like a teaser and didn't give the whole breadth of the programming potential, which leave with the question - how dynamic will the game world and storyline be in the final release? Maybe the question are intentially generated... well done!


Awesome Jam, really fun to run through with friends in a dark room!

Great design, fun "Surprise".... all in the title!  Well done.