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Amazing!! I'm really so happy to hear that n_n Thank you for working so hard!

I really enjoyed the demo, Michael is my absolute favorite!~ I think this game shows a lot of promise in both gameplay and storyline, and the demo alone has so much complexity-- I'm excited to see it develop further. The soundtrack in particular stood out to me as really impressive, it set the atmosphere well and honestly had me feeling tense more than once while playing. I've played a lot of horror games and that doesn't happen to me too often anymore, lol!

I do have a question, due to the (what I anticipate, considering the content warnings) sensitive nature of the game's content: do you have a sensitivity reader, or someone with experience regarding mental illness and hospitalization, to help with those aspects of the writing? I understand that this isn't necessarily supposed to be a hyper-realistic portrayal of a mental hospital, but I would be sad to see later portions of the game fall into unintentionally harmful stereotypes.

This game strikes me as a project that has a lot of love in it, I can't wait to see the end product!