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Yeah so Weather is supposed to activate randomly after you Enter the river but for some reason it's not .


Why do I get hurt when the sun hits my skin? Makes no since.

Art is amazing

Yea I was Super burned out by the time i was pushing it to html with Emscripten. It is kinda embarrassing to see it tho. 

I don't know what my controls are? I.e. I can shock wave once then I have no defense and die again

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amaterasu omikami LOL

Is that picture from Castlevania

This is so simple and perfect. Played it for an hour to get a hole in one.

Good teaching tool for the eddington limit. 

The sound design is really good!

Pretty good 

For Code

Done... added the weather effects from Javidx9 original [a near perfect 1 to 1 rebuild with added features and abilities]

Special Thanks to Moros1183 for embedding help, Creator for debugging javidx9 memory leaks, and Joseph21.