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Woo 66! It took a few levels to master the controls, but it's  a great  experience once it clicks.  Appreciate how the levels warm you up for the challenge at the end too!

Neat! Reminds me of a big shuriken from Naruto or some other anime. I cleared all the trees, all 102 of them! It's pretty satisfying, a few  obstacles in the level would have helped add some challenge to it. Good job though overall!

Great foundation, would be nice to see you spend a couple more hours on it to finish it off properly :)

Very nice, the cube moves well, I got stuck between the houses on the left the first time and had to reload the game. Other than that, it's great. Wish there was a few more levels to play around with the movement and platforming!

Interesting! I like the puzzle aspect and the fact the player can tweak the game to challenge themselves.  The Misty Forest is safe!

Such an interesting concept, it can get very Zen. Well done!

I was able to defeat the Royal Knight! The tweaks seem great.Feels really well rounded now, would be funny to see some odd-ball knights, like one with a big head, or a longer Jousting lance! Again, well done!

Thanks for playing! Interesting bug I've been able to recreate it but only once, and congrats on beating my original score of 42! 62 is a wicked high number! We intended for the pressure to mount over the course of playing, leaving to the players eventual demise :) After all, you can't delay the inevitable...
(Btw Joust on Time was fantastic!)

Really cool! Glad you went ahead and finished it :) I could not defeat the Royal Knight however, seem's I am... unworthy of the title!

Interesting game, took me awhile to realise I had to hold down the space bar to initiate the jump. Also I got stuck under the moving platform in level 3 and pushed out of bounds, whoops!

I'm late I'm late! Brillant game, as people have said, reminded me of lemmings but that's brillant! Very satisfying to place the objects and watch him traverse the level :)

Really cool idea, I liked how you started playing around with the death pits to get out of locked rooms.  Nice variety of music used too, fit the puzzle theme well.

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Very cool! It was interesting to see after the initial putt, the ball rotate and pick up wicked amounts of speed! Also had to add my score because everyone else was doing so! haha

Interesting idea, smooth controls, would have been interesting to see objects you could hide behind perhaps to break up the level and help orientate the player in the open space.

Great game considering the 1 hour development, would have liked to have seen maybe a halfway checkpoint in each level though!

Looks awesome! The controls and the amount of delay feel good, not too long that it's frustrating and not short that jumps and platforming become super trivial. I think some of the level design could be improved upon however, the 2nd zombie in the pit is fine but the pit could be double the width. Little tweaks like this. Well done though!

I killed a few enemy ships! Nice variety in bullet patterns too, game is hard but fair!

Clear visuals and smooth controls. I'd love to see an element of urgency added, health bar, score/ time attack. Otherwise feels like I'm playing an old arcade classic!

Great concept. I could see it being expanded in a multiple of different ways. ( variable movement speed due to power ups, wider/ smaller projectiles)

Great concept. I could see it being expanded in a multiple of different ways. ( variable movement speed due to power ups, wider/ smaller projectiles)

This is great! I'm sad theres only 9 levels haha,that last level had me sweating bullets to get to the finish line though! Bingo!

Very 'one more go', good fun!

Cute bite sized game. Nice work!