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The last build seems incompatible with app. Can you fix it if possible? i just find it more convenient to play game throught app.

Then what exactly "lewd pictures" mean?

New dialogue box design reminds me of Persona 5

Is project dead?

Full version? Nothing's cut?

"For now"?... That's literally make or break info for a lot of people.

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Yet another Stockholm Syndrome?

😂 Love that hashtag

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It has been nearly two years already...

Is game still goes on? I don't want it to die

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Then why even tell people you worked for such big names? Weren't you predicting that they would inevitably demand a proof? And what right do you even have to blame them for doubting you in that case? 

Edit: I dont believe you working for those companies for a bit but if you tell me you have been working for modern Hollywood I would believe you no questions asked, because this is how your stance looks like:

“I worked for CDP and Bioware and I can’t prove it but if you doubt me then you a bully a troll and so on”

Doesn’t ring any bells?

Also gonna admire your absolutely phenomenal lack of self-awreness: a person who writes posts about “ego bad” can’t part ways with his own. Holy shit.

> Fourth, there have been comments suggesting I am 'Roleplaying' my working past within Bioware and Project Red. I find it offensive and unfortunate that people will want to erase my professional work past as a principle, possibly literally wanting me to send them payslips as proof.

But we need somekind of proof to believe you anyway, right? Otherwise how can anyone be even sure you are not lying to boost your persona? Anyone on the internet can say they were working for big companies.

Nooooo not bad ending 🥲

Glad to hear the project is returining, i only hope it will be on a new engine. Visuals of the original havent age well indeed (and controls were absolute dogshit)

Is this game nsfw? I thought it is sfw but then it has lewd stuff filter so... huh?

Is game still alive?

sounds like meh, expected more for such a long period

I think he meant that it has vibes of wish-fullfillment fantasy because one of MC is dreaming about a better life with hot dragon and then it's suddenly happened. 

How often this game will get updates?


Will this vn be updated consistently now?

> "Good Moments Don't Last Forever..."

Wait, does this mean this vn gonna have a sad ending?... please no my fragile heart won't take it 😭😭😭

I think you have to click the logo icon below

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I'm glad we have such a big writer from such a high-profile studious but I would glad you doing at least basic research on visual novels before imposing your writing philocophies on their writers, because believe it or not, this medium follows totally different rules and have totally different demographic. Just for example

> I am going to be extremely honest here, you need to have a plot.

No you are not. Nekojishi has little to no plot and largely consists of SoL filler, and yet everyone likes it, it has its own fanbase and around 95% positive rating on Steam.

To be completely honest this post strikes me as very arrgoant. It prattles on and on about being open to change yet by itself recommends the most basic advices kids in pre-school know about by now while also trying to lock you in within this set rules instead of encouraging creativity and experimentation. At best its completely useless as everyone can get those advices (and maybe even better) by searching writing advices on google or even chatgpt. At worst -- its arrogance and entitlement will make every aspiring writer's blood boil (for me its certainly the latter) 

Edit: Now that I think about it the issue migt have been with me and the fact I decided to somehow install both versions at once, so now they conflcit with each other from time to time. Sorry for distrubing in that case :-(

Sure, here is an example. I believe it has something to do with missing assets...

I like the latest update quite a lot but I'm sad to say that it full of bugs. I guess you rushed some of the technical part since a lot of the dialogue lines give a Ren'Py error "Couldn't load this and that", and I've encountered so much of those I honestly lost count, so heads up (even though both the quality and quantity of new stuff are still worth the wait)

Wait what does Uchi has to do with it? He was always developing death games/escape room type of vns while this appears to be slice of life drama…

Any news?

Compared what other abusive monsters like Cooper, Vulgor and many other did for repective protagonists (and people still simp for them by the way) Marruk calling MC a toy couple of times was such a non-issue to me I forgot it was even a thing by now.

Does it mean we have 4 more characters to meet? 🤔

Considering Rayne was sexually assaulted by his friend I think its safe to say it was.

This build was so intense and dark holy shit! 😱

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Glad to hear all these controversies did not stop you and I really hope from now development will be much smoother and fan reception much kinder

there will be an official discord server for that so no

He'll get what he deserves in Max' route

You may stop pretending to be inncocent happy-go-lucky fan Sarun. We know what you really are.

Haven't yet got to the game itsled but seeing so many familiar faces in credits was absolutely mindblowing

Oh… ok, its just sounded pretty sarcastic is all

Is that a sarcasm?...