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Magik Leah

A member registered May 19, 2020

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I was so pleasing to play this game after the first game was so stressful. I give it happy shaky hands.

Honestly i loved playing the game and the ending really pulled the entire game together.

These jumpscares need to calm down. 

Let me say i have played this before and when i came back for the update i did not expect that amount of changes but oml.

Omfg what an ending and the hints throughout it all?! Happy i didn't give up when I got stuck but yeah!!

You kno what this was quite humorous to play and i did enjoy it! I give you so much respect for making ugly sonic buwhaha

THE STORY WAS SO GOOD and i honestly don't know why i got so attached to the main character but i really enjyoed this game!!

I'm happy that i didn't crap myself at a bunny.

It was calm at first going up the stairs and then you just had to make me crap myself multiple times!

I don't even know what to say. How did my life come to this? if i kept playing i would've gotten addicted.

I really enjoyed this! I haven't played games like this in a while but this brought back a need to play games like this! I loved the art style which is always my focus when im playing games. It was fun to find all the endings!

When I saw fresh ingredients was involved in this lovely game, I did not think That the townsfolk was going to be apart of it.

Okay the statue thing needs to go to hell! Good game i enjoyed it despite how short it was!

I didn't get scared until the noise at the end and I proceeded to crap myself with the sound.

I need to play more of these types of games cause this was extremely fun!! I've watched a couple analogue videos with a story line like this and honestly this game pulled it off amazingly! 

Okay this dog needs to back the hell up like why did i actually get scared of him appearing outside the garage? Honestly i enjoyed the gameplay and finding the different endings was sun as well!


The atmosphere: amazing. The gameplay : amazing. The lore: Loved it. If this was turned into a full on snek apocalypse horror i would play like wtf i didn't expect to enjoy a game as short as this but it was really good!  

It was pretty good for such a short game! I wished there was a jumpscare even if it was a cheap one but honestly it was a great idea for a short game. I loved the concept.

I dunno why this game shat me up as much as it did but yes i got scared and i hate asylum horrors. 

Okay was there any need for the behind the box jumpscare? Like seriously it almost gave me a heart attack but this was a really cool game so apology accepted!

Okay the dude freaked me out and the scare where he went behind the kitchen counter really got me! atmosphere and style of the game was really good. 

This was fun! I remembered a game similar to this but the atmosphere in this game was really good!!

when i first saw this I said there was no way I was gonna get scared of a baby. I was poorly mistaken and now I proceed to crap myself. Thank you for coming to my ted talk

My brother walked in on me multiple times just hiding under the bed. I told him it was a waiting game and he did not believe me what a joker! 

The game was really good and i cannot wait to play the second episode! The atmosphere in this game was amazing. 


I didn't realise it was so short but i honestly loved it, i was waiting to be stabbed by someone but the environment itself made me tense 

your welcome, i loved it to be honest! i wished there was more to play!

excellent i have been killing small children.... just what i need!

I had so much fun playing these games, got a bit scared with the small robots though :0 

Was so much fun when i played it! 

was shocked with the ending! 

I did not know what to expect but im glad i played it! 

I was shocked and tense at the gas station! Thought someone was about to  kill me but the ending was good! 

I WANTED MORE! I was so sad when i found out it was short so i just harassed the cat 


I really loved the game! Left me gobsmacked at the name of the town and the mayor!