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Thanks for making this asset. It have a very good quality for a free asset. I'm using it to participating game jams and it's very useful for every side scrolling game.

The boss is epic but is very hard, I could not beat it. Enemies touch me with easily even with speed upgrades

Cool game though

Under God community · Created a new topic Linux version

I've downloaded linux version but seems like the content are for MacOS. Is there a real linux version to test?

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fun game

the variety of enemies is good. the boss could be harder

I was happy and feeling a genius of myself bc I've done 6k of damage and completed the demo, then I see the people's builds in the comments.

11/11 Wow this is the dark souls of the games!

Very fun game. I played just one run for now but already like the game. Nice graphics and mechanics, also I like the enemy progression, each one with it's unique abilities.

Right click is not consuming any bomb, is that the right behavior?

my biggest word was lithography

One of my favorite games of this jam

I laughed so hard when saw this

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Very fun game, with recall the game turns 10x more fun. One of the best in this jam for sure.

Would play a complete version with more upgrades and levels 100%!!

The graphics are a little glitchy

Very fun game. I like the art.

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Most OP builds I've made:

- Scythe + Summons + Bullet Damage + Shard + Burn. This basically let you untouchable and kill enemies at kilometers of distance.

- Crossbow + Piercing + Shot 10 bullets at reload + Ice ability. This will frost every enemy and will let you untouchable as well  

- Flamethrower + Lady Lady + Every burn ability + Ricochet bullets.  This is not the overall OP, but you can kill bosses in seconds and  also it's possible to kill trees for fun.

This pic I've taken using Scythe build:

There is a ability when you inflict burn, you have 0.5% chance to heal 1 HP. If you have a great rate of fire with burn damage, this is basically vampiric damage and you become almost invincible.

I was able to destroy a tree and it doesn't drop anything. Very sad :(

cool game, but I have no idea on how  to get leather without buying it

Very cool game. I feel an Alex Kidd Miracle World's vibe in it.

Congratz! What build did you use?

The game is small but was funny to play. Also the pistol looks like more powerful than the shotgun.

Could be a interesting roguelike if you add upgrades(like cards or something like that) and a highscore board

Yeah I'm getting this glitch after level 17

Very fun game as always. I wonder how do you make simple shapes looking nice

Yeah, I did with hellhound portal. It's the easiest build if you get in early game

my max score was 25, my pc starts to die in fps

good game though

Finally after 3 days I finished the game. It was very fun.

Tried to make the build Demon's Slayer + Hellhound but no luck to pick these two together.

For me it's the best deployment for fix messed up builds haha.

I got this error when I got a Item on the third stage

To be honest I wasn't expecting too much of this game, but this is one of the best roguelikes that I've played. Definitely would play the full version.

If you planning to doing some translation for PT-BR I can help you.

I used... I used the bomb without knowing...

this game is insane. I like pretty much everything, the music choice the art and the gameplay. Very fun to play. Gonna play more!

this for sure is one of the top 10 sussy jump scares

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The game is very fun to play. Sometimes the first spawned enemies give you no chances to jump on them, but it's ok, it rarely happens.

Very fun to play this game. Also very creative the mechanics

Cool game. If you planning to make a complete game should be cool having a losing factor like max bodies you can throw or something like that.

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I like how until lvl 50 the game gives you a fair amount of upgrades and then it's like: "now you are god, take this infinity of +1 more ball and size upgrade"

lucky you. level 50 makes my pc burns

you got me hooked on this game

I love mixing of dark souls and castlevania elements. The gameplay is fantastic. Also the pixel art it's awesome, as all of your assets you posted here.

Looking forward for the full version.

Very cool game. For sure I would play a longer version.

This is the most game I've played!

Very fun game. Took 13 minutes for me to finish.