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I AGREE WITH THIS!!! Chain And Kaichi deserves love from the MC, too.. qwq

Oh my god. I love this much. Pinlin, you are too amazing qwq..I'm glad you made this game. It's amazing! I enjoy playing It so much. I love them all. However..Will you ever make a route for Chain and Roya, Lioji(?) In the future? Please? Those three characters have my Interests and love uwu.


 I was so happy when we got to stay at Chain's house.. And also when we had a cg where Chain showed his face c: <3 

And Roya..Oh my god..Where did the scene In the demo go? I remember he said something like: Where you thinking of ravaging me--? Or something like that and he was In top of us (; ..

Lioji, too...He's so sweet and handsome qwq..I've fallen for his charms..

Okay, enough talking of the 3 boys :3

I saw a reference of "A Whole New World" In Zeikun's route lmao. 

And Kurato's pervy side--...Might be my favorite hehe~ :p

Junoru Is too kind, special..Literally. He's too good for my heart @w@..

And Sachiro...Too. Goddamn. Cute! I could literally die from seeing him ^q^..

That's all I can say :3

I'm sorry If my english Is not good/well..

The game looks so cute !! OwO Will the full game be free?