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not as funny as you think, Castle remake coming 2024

Hard but fun I like how you can collect items to get better and better 

The art is nice, some of the levels and angles make it hard to tell where I am or what to do, very short 

Been playing quite a bit today and I have to say this is a really well developed game, I decided to donate cause you deserve it, if I could give more I would, honestly really really great work

Really cool love text based game and I have to say this was more or less what I wanted to make when I first started coding. Makes me want to go back to text based projects, nice work 

it's a maybe I will add it to my calender just for you

Good catch, no I have not thank you for posting, yes it has been two years and to be honest this project was barely done. There is a lot that can be done, but the code is open source. I had trouble with my hardware at the time I am sure I could make a tutorial now but I am not even sure the project is up to date.

This game is actually good ?? what the fuck man

Perfect I love this game 

its fun easy to play and has a great vibe.

So much work and love went into this and it shows