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so much content ...
and it's free  ... wow

Well, in my opinion games of this type, History-Click have a story that is based on a story told, I like simplicity. The game visually and audio also very pleasant. Congratulations. <3

I am waiting for more, and maybe for more differentiation.

I am a little sad that I came across such a miracle only now.


The whole team did a great job.

The game does not try to push any nonsense. It simply shows interesting visions of the future, positive but with a note of dystiopia. 

 I keep my fingers crossed <3

Dynamic, fast, effective
What can you still expect?


Well, you can see that the demo of the game is very carefully made, on many aspects. Keep it up!
And now when there is a full version you can be delight.

I could be interested in translating into Polish language.

Very interesting and original demo :) Keep it up!

Polish Language

I am sincerely impressed in this game. I would even like to translate into my native language. Keep it up ! :D