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Managed to get everything but the true and and two bad ends! I received the one that destroys and the one that simulates, but not the true, and I'm missing drowning in darkness and brief reunion. 

I'll keep giving it a go, but in case I can't find it , I would definitely like some hints :p


Honestly though I didn't much care what happens to the originals, I didn't play their story, so I didn't get attached to them... It seemed like a bit of a betrayal, LOL, which speaks about how attached you got me to all of the copies. I wonder if that'll change once I manage to find the true ending?

 I do have a question, though- the Kuro in the different routes, how much does he remember each time? Are they different numbers each time, the same? He tells her to relax and trust him at the end, and he recognizes Big Bad in each of his disguises.  Does this get answered in the endings I'm missing? 

Also, who the fuck is voice over guy? Who's Anathema? I tried entering Anathema as my name to see if it got any easter eggs, but, sadly nope...

I feel bad, but, somehow I ended up loving the side characters more than the main ones! You did such a wonderful job giving them life and stories! Chain, Lioji, Kaichi... They all deserve happy endings!!!

Zeikun's good end felt a bit like a bad end as well, haha, whilst Sachiro's bad end could pass for a good one -- is there an explanation for why Miyoko can see spirits in Zeikun's route but not Sachiro's? It's a shame the two never ''meet'', seeing as how Zeikun sort of takes over the role in absence.

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My apologies, I didn't mean for it to feel that way! However, intentions are not the same as results, so it's still my bad.

 I was viewing the code the same way as the writing and the art, as an integral part of the released game, but I should have thought of it  more from your perspective and asked first.

Compliments still apply, and I do look forward  to any future releases. 

I only played through one route properly, and went through the code for the rest because I wanted to see how the personality was handled and I think it was pretty neat how you divided the flaws into the two separate traits, though they didn't all seem obvious. 

The art is super cute and definitely my bias, but I found the music gave me a bit of a headache though I couldn't pin why. Maybe there was too much going on? 

Congrats on release! Coding was really clean, and it was interesting to see how things worked.

Everyone wants a William route, but where's my Vida route~? Aha. Looking forward to future releases.