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Curti o jogo :D


Kkkk realmente, é que tivemos menos tempo pra fazer, entao faltou algumas coisas da proposta, se não, não daria de colocar a tempo da game jam.

Mas de qualquer forma agradeço em nome da Burning sun pelo apoio. 😁

Continua  atacando ele que a barra de vida desce eventualmente. 

Just keep attacking the boss, his life bar take a while to start going down

The game is very cool! it really reminds of crash.

Cool, if it were a game for android i would definetly have it on my phone to kill time, its very casual, simple and fun.

This game is fun :D since its short i suppose its a demo, but for a demo its pretty good. 
Funny how this jam limited our game mechanics,  but even  then we still have a variety of gameplay.

Interesting and intriguing game, the commands feels slow at the start and i ended up bumping into the shadows quite a few times, but overall the atmosphere feels right.

Hello, thanks for playing it! It's always nice to see someone playing a game I made/with a team.

The bed problem is supposedly fixed though, but I understand, most people prefer play in browser since it's faster so thank you again! :D

Hehe  thanks, gotta drink them coffees.

Hey, glad you enjoyed it! 

Yes i died a few times too while trying to see if it was possible to beat it xD

I beat it!

Particle effects always makes fps drop in most games, but don't worry because the idea and how the game works is fun

Its a nice game, interactive stories are always welcome.

Such a cool idea, i like how you have to drink coffee to keep up your speed.

So simple, but so fun! I liked the art also :D

So simple, but so fun! I liked the art also

Hey, thanks for the comment, also nice gameplay video, i made level 5 a little bit easier  i noticed it was too hard compared to the other ones xD

 You have no idea how happy i am to see someone playing a game i made, Cheers!

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Fixes soon!

Edit: Fixed! Its possible to beat the game now.