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Thank you so so much for making this asset pack. I'm learning to make RPG+Farming game and I didn't even realize I never have icons for my plant seeds. Your work is always beautiful. Thank you for bringing us such wonderful works.

These are wonderful. I love the vibrant color palette you used. Thank you for making this lovely pack being affordable for us indie devs too. Thank you. 

Thank you for the wonderful work, and for sharing with us your talent. I know you might be tight on schedule, in the future will you be interested in collaborating in the long term game project or any short-term contract work? I’ve been looking for additional artist for our team, and your artstyle really what I’ve been looking for years. I’m sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable. Please have a wonderful day. :D 

I love your style and idea of the design.

By chance will you be up for commission work? My friends and I are working on a small project and we are looking for someone who can draw us houses and building akin to this. 

I’m sorry to ask this but will it be possible to add zip file for the future? I’m using iPad to write the game template and the app to upzip .rar is very hard to navigate through. So sorry.

Wonderful assets as always. I’m a fan of your work. The art style gives me the nostalgic feeling of discovering RPG game for the first time as little kid. Thank you for sharing with us your talents.

Hello, I’ve tried to purchase your asset through Paypal but it showed up error on I’ll wait until the problem is resolved so no worries. Just want to let you know that this asset is really wonderful and thank you for making this amazing pieces for us :)

Thank you for adding the zip file to all the assets. You are my hero. Thank you. :D

Thank you so much! I don’t have the PC at the moment(my dogs tripped on the cord chasing each other -_-**) While waiting to get a new one I’m using iPad to see the tile and draw map in notebook. This really means a lot to me. Thank you so much.

Thank you for the wonderful work. By chance would it be possible to add .zip file in the future? Thank you 

Hello thank you for this awesome pack. I love the vivid color. I’m looking forward to your future work. 

About the license agreement, are we able to use this for commercial purposes? Like if I put my game for sell? 

Thank you :D

Hello, thank you for the awesome pack. I’m using ios and can’t open the .rar at the moment so just want to ask for the license agreement if I can use it in my game? If it’s also ok to use commercially? 

By chance in the future will it be possible to upload a zip file too?

Hello. First of all congrat on the Kickstarter campaign. 

I am very new to game development actually still a baby learning the basic but so far it has been very enjoyable and enlightening. My friend and I are putting some ideas together. If you don’t mind maybe I can let you check it and hear your opinion in the future. (^_^)

I’m working on the rpg-fantasy type of game. Looking to have assets of buildings and interior type.

>>sorry, English isn’t my first language. 

Hello and thank you for the reply. I really love the graphic you did I’m surprised no one has told me before. It’s clean and unique. Hope to see you release some assets fir purchase in the future. I will be sure to get them! I have my day off coming up soon so I will do my best to not fail too horribly on the demo hehe! I will let you know how my noob-ness goes (>_<) 

I follow you here from Kickstarter. Honestly, I am not very good at this type of game (I failed horribly at Dark Soul T^T) But love the pixel artwork and the gameplay looks great and so smooth. Do you also do all the graphic yourself? O.o amazing work.

Will come back to give an update after I finished the demo :)

Nice to meet you.

It is super cute! Remind me of my doggie actually she is chubby hehe.

In the future are you planning to release other color or type of animal as well? I will be looking forward to it :)

Thank you so much! You are so kind. Looking forward to seeing more assets from you. Q(^w^Q)

Great work and wonderfully done. Looking forward to also purchasing this with animated version. Thank you for such awesome work. :D

Hello! Thank you for such a great piece of artwork.

May I ask is it possible to also upload as a zip file? I bought the asset but unfortunately my device couldn’t open .rar file and my free trail already expired TwT 

Thank you for such great piece of art. May I also ask if it is ok to use this asset in my platformer game? I wonder because most of the action are facing toward the left side so I don’t know if we are allowed to use asset for platformer. If not, it is ok too. This is such a great work.