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 Would changing those values also change the resolution of the game? say i want to run it as 1024/768 ?

If you ever want to build on this, add a way to add tiles in 2 layers, so you can have background tiles under the real tiles. 

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"Enemy state machine scripts are found in Scripts --> State Machine --> Enemy. (GM protip: you can middle-click asset names in code to instantly open them, use Ctrl + T to search by name, and Ctrl + Shift + F to search for text in the entire codebase)"

Did not see the enemy had a parrent, on that parrent object i could see the real name of the state script. Thanks!

"Backgrounds also are controlled by the biome, you can set this up in the level_init_biomes script. Right now it supports up to 3 backgrounds."

"One way to extend the tile system to use pre-made tiles without having to get them into the system that's used in the engine now would be to add another case in pixel_vacant that checks if the tile's top position is >= 9*TILESIZE, and if so, treat it as a solid and abort early. (You'd place this before the check if the tile is in the DECO area). Now you can take the template (or the existing level tileset you want to use), resize the canvas so it's taller, and just paste the new "off-grid" tiles  at the bottom. (You can make it wider too if needed, of course)"

Thanks, i just tried to add another row of 16 to the line #macro tstb_DECO 176 to 192, and it seems to be working, and it seems to be working with collision.

thanks for taking the time again. are there any special realation between the size off one room on the world map 1x1 vs how many pixels it is in the level editor. ? is that something that can be changed? 

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i hope its not to anoying i keep asking, hopefully others can use the answers aswell :)

when i change the players cord, to the image you can see here, i still spawn a completly diffrent place as you can see from the little movie i made

if i change the classes to only allow the knight, it works fine, if i do anything else it crashes with:

action number 1
of Create Event
for object obj_charactercustomization_setup:

Variable obj_verticalmenu.class_name_array(102753, -2147483648) not set before reading it.
 at gml_Script_minit_title_charactercustomization (line 20) -        ggui_menu_add_option_multichoice(mev_adjustmultichoice,     "Class",            "Character profession. Has large impact on abilities.",     pcust_CLASS,        current_customization[pcust_CLASS],         class_name_array,                                 
gml_Script_minit_title_charactercustomization (line 20)
gml_Object_obj_charactercustomization_setup_Create_0 (line 96) -     minit_title_charactercustomization()

also happens if i set #macro playerclass_MERCENARY 0 and KNIGHT to 3.

It seems the KNIGHT one is hardcoded to be used as a default in a lot of places? 

the enemy is calling script_execute(state) where is that state script? the search in gml does not seem to find it?

how is the animation set on player/enemies?

the light around the player what controls that? i want to implant night/day so having the light controled by an item would be nice. (light radius).

i can see some areas has 2 pictures for paralex, and some have 3? how is that controlled? 

Any way to expand the tileset to allow for more tiles? i an see i can easy extend it to allow for more background objects like trees? what if i want more tiles to paint levels with, that has collision? (the reason i asked is becaus i bought this tileset 

and i would like to keep some more of the tiles to paint levels with. it does not matter if the auto tile system does not use it, as long i can place it to fine tune the level with.

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i change these lines

//Quick starting position configuration
global.qccfg_starting_level                         = 0      //First level to load when starting a new file
global.qccfg_starting_direction                     = efd_LOADSAVE
global.qccfg_starting_pix_x                         = 230 //Pixel coords to start at (when using efd_LOADSAVE - others will snap you to a door)
global.qccfg_starting_pix_y                         = 100

but i seem to always start at some other cords, no matter what i set those to. Another bug or me that is doing it wrong?

on the character class i change this:


and removed all classes but one from init_player_classes

but i throwns an error form script: gml_Script_minit_title_charactercustomization (line 13)

for(c = PLAYERCLASS_MAX - 1; c >= 0; c--){
    class_name_array[c] = global.player_class_data[c,pcd_NAME]

is the connecter biodome something special? the object args i can set on doors/ and obj sideways/up/down are they fore more advanced controls of connecting rooms? how is the door locked/unlocked controlled?`if i place the obj_door_background can that be connected to any rooms? i tried to place one, and add x and y args, but nothing happens when it opens?

one feature request would be able to load level without having to going out of the level editor and then back in.. nothing huge, would just be nice :)

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Thanks again for the good explanations. A few last things i think :D

1: is it possible to use more than one texture set in the same room? (i think not its ok just want to be sure)

2: how do i set where the player starts? i dont seem to be able to find any player spawn object in the object list?

3: can i have more than one entry to the same room. Like in room A there is 2 exits both lead to room B, just in 2 diffrent locations? and how do i tie rooms togerther? i can see i need to place the door stuff from array(obj_door_sideways,obj_door_vertical,obj_door_background,NONE,  obj_door_bg_1way_front,obj_door_bg_1way_back,obj_lockeddoor_door,NONE,  obj_checkpoint_inactive))

4: How to remove or add classes? is it enought to edit "init_player_class" and "init_player_classes" ?

This is really awesome work though!

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Thanks. I just bought it.

A few last questions then im ready to jump into it.

1: tiles.. how is the layout? should i just create tiles with the exsame layout, or could i remove some of the items on the right? What if i dont want to use slopes?

2: so how would you begin a new project with this. just import this, and delete all the data/rooms/tiles.. and start from there?

3: any autotile function? it seem

4: in the world editor, it crashes if i right click outside a room?

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thanks again for the answers. I will buy it in the next few days, just need to figure out a few things! i saw the animation system in the demo, just thought it was incomplete as i could not figure out how to make key frames, and how to generate animations between them.

Thanks for the answers, it clears up it up a ton. Last few questions. Particle effects are they sprites? so i cold just sprite animations as particles easy? or? also the animation system, how easy is it? and can i just use the sprite animations or is that a huge task to be able to?

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just saw this engine. I have been working on a game for a while on and off. The idea is a mix of darksouls/castlevania 2, with some more rpg elements in it. Would it be easy to adjust this engine for that? Are there any size limits on the Rooms? what about object collisions for stuff like areas you can only unluck with bombs and so on? how easy is it to build on?

also does this in the eula "

 Games can be played but not resold, reposted or such. Assets can be
used to create games, books, movies and such, but cannot be distributed in
editable form. If one team member has a license to use Yal Stuff, the entire
team can use it.


that if i build upon it, and dont maintain any of youre gfx, that i cant sell the game afterwards?

the rar only contains: TILESET_darksouls1.png, TILESET_darksouls2.png,TILESET_darksouls3.png,TILESET_darksouls4.png

Is something missing? 

I love this, and i would pay a good amount of money if it was expanded a little more:

- double jump

-directional block

-attack combo 

-run attack