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Again, I´m super late but aah... this means everything to me!!

Wishing you the best of luck on your journey :) <3

Here you go: Yes!


I just wanna say even though I´m like 5 months late, I really REALLY appreciate your kind comments. I don´t think I can even express how much they mean to me haha

Like, as an artist, people going a bit crazy over a character you´ve made is really all you can wish for :)

I don't usually like point & click adventures but this actually intrigued me! I'm genuinely excited to see how it continues.
The puzzles really surprised me and made me smile, it was very rewarding when all the pieces came together. I also love how the solutions to some problems aren't what you might expect at first!

It might be a good idea to give some instructions at the beginning or in the game description, I clicked around alot aimlessly and generally  wasn't sure if I had to press any particular buttons on my keyboard or the mouse to trigger a special action. At first nothing seemed to happen and I thought it was a bug.

Also I laughed out loud when the music started playing, great job :')

So damn pretty and atmospheric <3 <3 Can´t wait for the finished game!!

I want Lola to fight me

Timo barely got off the hook

OK I suck at this game but I love it!!

Aaah thank you, this means so much coming from you!!

Oh gosh thank you, that is extremely helpful!! I completely overlooked these :D

Aww, thank you so much!! This really motivates me to work on something new!

Loving the Life is Strange vibes!!

This is so great. I smiled through the whole playthrough and actually teared up a little at the end <3


This is so calming, loving the atmosphere!!

demon lady HOT