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Yeah! We’ve changed so much and it’s still very rough and trying to fix some simple bugs. We’ve had to restart programming several times and been hard on me mainly but should be out soon

This game has been under massive construction since last update. The game is getting ready to go viral and have a chance to be noticed by bigger companies and get more sponsors. The game has recently been sponsored by some companies and we have added a lot of what you have mentioned. The game will be updated in the next year but we have been trying our best to make it a good experience for our players.

Currently making multiplayer in the game but at a slower pace then wanted to. I've had to recreate this game several times to make multiplayer work and it's very ruff. I cannot tell you an estimate time for multiplayer but working on it when I'm not working on Uni.

Yes it will work.

Step up is broken. The sound in the game would be nice to change the level of the master volume. Since thins is unity use a volume mixer and change the master volume with a slider and simple coding. Great game has simple but amazing graphics. This feels like the Invector 3rd person controller but the character has amazing movement and animations. Keep up the work mate.

I'm sorry but unity is better! UE4 has amazing graphics and unity can to if you put a ton of work into it but my preference as a programer is that unity is better!

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Yes about the new update and pause menu fix. The game is getting transferred to a better computer and the file is massive. It will be about a couple days before the next update will come + fixing the pause menu cursor.

Thank you for this amazing video! Yes there are many bugs that still needed to be worked on and our team is trying their best in the next update to fix a lot of them.  if you have any suggestions for future updates, feel free to comment them.


thank you! This  game will be receiving an update about every week. We hope you like the future changes!