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Quickly looking over the source, I can't see that any font is specified. Specifying and including a font like noto emoji might work and probably will be consistent? Might not get the colorful fonts as that I got on android but the black and blue fonts on my ubuntu chrome also worked.

Why doesn't itch display the game page text...

Incomplete and somewhat buggy. Intended to be surgeon simulator but with minigolf in different time periods, but I only managed to kinda complete the caveman time period. You just have to image different courses and castle and space time periods.

You also have to imagine being able to somewhat controlling your club and whacking balls because they don't exist. You can pick up clubs though, but dont stand on them or you will fly.

Next time: Prepare 3d art in you engine of choice so that you don't have to spend the majority of the jam trying to import them correctly.

Except for music, sounds, fonts and (I'm guessing) font title image (as it could be considered a font), though I'm guessing since image fonts like font-awesome are a thing one could theoretically create a custom font for the missing image assets and use that, though I'm guessing that is disallowed(even though fonts are allowed).

Thanks! I cant take all the credit though, it helps when there is a famous talk about juicing a breakout clone :)