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Sorry I didn't get back sooner, I'm assuming it's because of being in the transition naming screen as you mentioned. Though there's an option to change up the bgm and se volume there's nothing about the voices in game. I'll have to assume it's part of se and try that for now. Thanks for the quick reply~

Apologies if it's been asked I tried searching through the comments with little to no avail. I am wondering if my game is set to not let you access the config properly? There's things I like to change up like text speed, sounds etc when playing games - but the config button shows 4 buttons and 2 sets of repeated Japanese text. Any suggestions? :')

I am still messing around with choices and coming to the same end (nothing unusual my options usually are too middle point to get me anywhere!) - would you guys consider releasing some kind of hint guide and/or walk through?

Ahhhh someone finally did it! I've been thinking about this kind of story line and you guys have made a great start on it! Loving it so far, Milo took my heart while breaking it. ; - ; Also I suggest linking your Kickstarter here on the page for people. \o/

I'm barely five minutes in(exaggeration I'm a little further but not much), but I go to 'this point' and my mind is just like "donut underestimate--" and I'm just.. Brain. Plz. :'| //weeps but goes back to this colourfoul gorgoues game with adoreable spriting.

Not gonna lie, I cackled at the 'mental block'. B') Really enjoyed the demo, and super curious to see how this and the protags life turns out! Poor precious babies. :')