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Thank you for your Bowie reference ♥

Oh got it! I did, thank you!

I caught everything but he still tells me I'm horrible :(

I like it but I can't for the life of me figure out what to do with these books. 

Thanks for addressing that, I'll just start a new game. It's well done, I've been enjoying it. 

 think I may have found a bug. There doesn't seem to be enough metal on the map. I can find 90, but not 100. I've tried clearing the trees but after I cleared about half of them they stopped disappearing so I can't get rid of them anymore. 

Is this not playable without a controller? I can't make it do anything :(

You updated this to be a little less hard? I like it and it seems like it could turn out to be something really cool and interesting but it still seems REALLY grindy, and it doesn't seem like more expensive items do a whole lot more "damage." I'd say maybe make it a teensy bit easier? I'll be interested to see how it turns out when it's finished. Keep it up! :)

I just tried to play this. I have a pretty much brand new Dell laptop with 16gigs of RAM. Theres no reason it should be THIS choppy. I can't even do anything it's so laggy. May wanna think about a fix for that. 

Is it possible to get motion sickness from a game? I've never had that happen to me before but well done all the same :)