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Agradecemos o feedback, mas como te falei, o jogo mudou. Se tiver interesse, é só baixar a nova versão e fazer um novo feedback.

Sim, pode.

Gostaria muito, sim, mas não desta versão, pois o combate foi alterado significativamente. No nosso site tu consegue fazer o download da versão mais atual. Daí se quiser pode me chamar no Discord pra dar teu feedback (LK#7928) ou pelo nosso canal que aí os devs também podem falar contigo se precisarem de mais detalhes. Qualquer dúvida sobre o novo gameplay tu pode assistir este vídeo aqui onde explico como se joga: 

Hello all, and thank you for your download.

Megabattle alpha version is out now for almost a month and we are discovering a lot about our game and what you are liking or not.

Mostly we are aware of these main issues:

- Tutorial: not very interactive and too long. We will change the tutorial to be in game and make the player to learn while playing. 

- Game play feedbacks: we already knew that one. We still need to work a lot in improving the visual and audio feedbacks based on the cards played and how they are affecting the game. 

- Card balance: So far that is only one class that have a more aggressive game play style (Powertrix), which is the way we want to go with Megabattle. We will balance other classes to be more aggressive. 

- Robot building: while building the robot it's not clear what are the rules. The player can have at most 2 classes and up to 30 weight, but that is not clearly shown. We will make sure to show that to the player while building the robot.

- Deck building: there are tabs where the player can navigate an access the class cards and neutral cards. This is not clear because that is no visual indication or explanation that the player can access the tabs to choose more cards. We will remove all tabs from the classes not used and make it more clear that the player have tabs to access.

- Victory/Defeat fight: at the end of the match the robot life does not go to zero and there is a delay until the result of the match is displayed. You will improve that with a cool animation and a visual and audio feedback indicating victory/defeat.

There is still a lot of minor details about sounds, buttons and visuals that we need to address. That is why it is important that you share with us your feedback.

Hello everybody,

our alpha version is available. There is still a lot to be done with the game. We are aware of a lot of what we have ahead but still would love to hear your feedback about all details of our game. 

For the beta version we expect to have a better balanced game, better audio/fx, ranking system and a shop. What else would you like us to do?

Let us know what you think of our game. Thanks.

MegaBattle community · Created a new topic Demo coming soon

Hello Everyone!

We are on the final countdown to release our alpha version.

If you want to be a tester, please let us know, it would be awesome to have your feedback!

Interesting game, but I would recommend to make an in game tutorial.

MegaBattle still is under development. We have a long journey ahead to improve the game, UI, UX and balancing it.

We will greatly appreciate your support and feedback. 

Contact us on our didcord: